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So I've been working on my mom's car off and on for quite a few years now. The car has 215k on the clock and I believe it has more in it. She brought it to me about a week ago with a suspension noise and the thing seems slow she claimed. I drove it home from dinner and let her borrow my tdi. The suspension noise was from a jagaloon she brought it to change the front brakes on didn't bother torqueing the lugs at all. The stumble was a different story, it would misfire randomly and bog down when you would go to accelerate. After my inspection i found that the valve cover gasket had failed worse than I have ever seen. the plus and coils were completely submerged in oil. Went ahead and replaced all the plugs, coils, gasket, and did an oil change. All was good for about 3 days until we went back to dinner and she said it was still doing it. Oh boy.

So I have been doing some research after I found out the filter was integral to the fuel pump and was not serviceable. I'm a heavy equipment mechanic for profession and auto and motorcycle mechanic in my free time, so I think I have a little bit of faith in myself to resolve this issue. I pulled the codes and these are what I have so far.
-P2088- Cam position sensor
-P2178- system too rich at idle
-P2188- system too rich at idle
-P2196- 02 sensor stuck rich

I will be changing the 02 sensor today and clearing the codes on the car and trying to get them to come back, I called the dealership regarding the TSB: 01-022/08 but they told me what I expected that this car doesn't fall within that bulletin, (although it is the same coded issue). I am asking for some sort of help if anyone can lend some advice, I don't exactly want to throw a fuel pump at it if it just needs a reflash, but I don't know if the Mazda dealer will do it. It also wouldn't make much sense to replace the fuel pump if the system is coding out rich? i need to try and get this done this weekend as i need my car back to go out of state for a work training all week next week.
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