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I have read about exactly the same problem with other cars, but I haven't found anyone with CX-7 to confirm.
When I accelerate, especially on the 3rd gear, and let of the gas at around 3000 rpm the engine will "jerk".
It only happens when engine is hot and when I lift the gas slightly (not entirely)
It is pretty strong so that even passengers can notice that something is happened.

Engine is 2.3 DISI Turbo, 6 speed manual.

I have found someone describe that "phenomenon" in Mitsubishi Eclipse Turbo: "She said for example when you are accelerating and some one is in front of you she lets off the gas and she said it feels like the car is jerking a little".

My opinion is that when you get a brand new 2010 car it should simply ride smooth. This is really annoying. The dealer said that they have checked all mechanical parts and everything is in order. I think this could be corrected with firmware upgrade but I don't think I will see that happen...

Did anyone here experience that with CX-7 or do I have some badly tuned one?
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