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Hi Guys,

I'm getting my brand spanking new Mazda 3 Sedan on Wednesday and I'm going to be installing a bit of gear in the car over the next few months and was looking for a bit of advice on what I should use for power. I was thinking of wiring a fuse block from the battery to the boot with some high duty wire (not sure what gauge I'd need), and put a hefty fuse right next to the battery for that, then running some low gauge wire to the devices I'll be installing with their individual fuses. For those interested, I'll be running a Tait 2020 Remote Head VHF Low radio, and a UBC 780 XLT Scanner. In the future I'd like to get an amber low-profile light bar installed in the back window - I'm an SES volunteer and frequently am stopped at the side of the road cutting up trees in the dark.

I'd appreciate any tips on wiring this all up, and what brands/models to use for the distro block and wire etc. This is my first time installing anything other than tapping from the fuse box in my old Holden.

Thanks :lol:
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