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1001 miles.. wheeeee

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Was driving and using camera phone.. not the best quality. I took like 10 photos. By the time one looked right, it was 1001 miles. Lmao

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Yep it's definitely more responsive. I've been above 1000 KM for a week now and got 2 kills. A civic si with modified exhaust (that one I loved.) Sorry I hate civics and their little teenage cocky owners. Anytime I can smoke one it makes my day. And a P5. Felt bad but the guy probably wanted to see what the new 3 had under the belly....well he saw it and gave me a thumbs up.

Can't wait for aftermarket parts so I can add some more zoom zoom! I feel this engine has potential and I want to push it further. Not fast enough for my taste.

The more and more I use it, a limited slip differential would have been nice. oh well. I love my blue baby anyway. :wink:
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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