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09 SPEED 3 radio.....there is no info ava

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I am wanting to put a new headunit in my 09 speed3. I would like to purcahse the stuff from Crutchfield for the free install items.
Crutchfield does not have any info on the 09MY...They said it was different from 08 since they have no info on 09. Is this correct? I need to know if 08 and 09 stereo plugs and install are the same. Thanks
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The HU was changed in 08.5. I know that makes it tricky but many here have changed them out.

FYI, the HU is not specific to the speed.
What Daniel said. The main connector changed on the '08.5 model so the only real difference is going to be with a plug and play wiring harness. I'm sure there are some available even if Crutchfield doesn't sell them.
anyone know were I can get the harness?
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