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08.5 OEM iPod Interface install - FAIL

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Has anyone successfully installed the Mazda iPod integration module in an 08.5 with nav and Sirius? There aren't many options to choose from, so from what I had read I thought this was the best (or only) option. I made sure to get the right harness so I could keep my Sirius and AUX, but after the install, neither of them works :(. The dealer who sold me the car swore that it wouldn't work, but I didn't believe them. I tried everything possible and I'm pretty confident it is not user error.

I wouldn't be as upset if I was happy with the way the iPod module worked. I probably wasn't going to continue my Sirius subscription anyway when my 6 months are up because the sound quality is so poor.

What bothers me the most is that if you put it on random (shuffle) and then try to skip a track, random play shuts off. It is such a pain to navigate that unless you're trying to find an artist that starts with A or Z, don't bother.

The install process sucked as well. It came with instructions for the Mazda 6. I also had a copy for the previous version for the 3. The wire colors in the install manual were all wrong. It didn't fit where the instructions indicated, so I had to improvise and had a heck of a time getting all the wires to fit behind the head unit.

Please let me know if anyone else has it working properly. I'd love to be proven wrong.
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AFAIK the ACI should be plugging directly into the HU on the '08.5 ones, so the ipod module should have nothing to do with that. Assuming you have the ipod harness for sirius there should be no reason the sirius shoudn't be working...... that's why they made a separate harness for it.
When I plug the Sirius connector into the harness and then the harness into the HU, the iPod works properly but I can't slect the AUX or SAT.

When I plug the Sirius connector directly into the HU, I can select Sirius , AUX and iPod. In this config, Sirius and AUX work fine, and the iPod control works and displays on the LCD, but there is no audio from the iPod.
An update for anyone who has Bose/NAV (08.5+).

The OEM iPod interface is NOT compatible. If you hook it up you will lose your Sirius and AUX.

I pulled mine out and am returning it.
Now we just need someone with bose but without NAV to confirm that it's just the NAV that causes the incompatibility.
I have a 2008.5 hatch with Bose and I just installed the iPod and Sirius adapters and everything works great! I have all audio options available to me; sirius, ipod and Aux as well as radio and CD. Everything works great!
Looks like tose of us with NAV are the only ones who are SOL :(.
[quote author=Murcielego link=topic=137681.msg3129378#msg3129378 date=1242651869]
I have a 2008.5 hatch with Bose and I just installed the iPod and Sirius adapters and everything works great! I have all audio options available to me; sirius, ipod and Aux as well as radio and CD. Everything works great!

Wondering - do you have a PDF of the install manual and/or could you scan it? Or pics of any of this? :D

The thing I'm wondering the most is... where do you put the plug for the console AUX jack? Currently it plugs into the expansion port of the head unit, but that's where the iPod integration module plugs in, too. I figure the iPod module must have 3 ports on it - one to go to the headunit (and then branches to go to sirius?), one to go to the iPod, and a third to plug-in the existing ACI cable?

Thanks buckets for any info you can share!
unfortunetly i did not take any pictures of the install. However, I can tell you the basic steps. I purchased the wire harness that both conects the sirius and ipod to the headunit. The sirius modual is actually the main modual here. There are three ports in this module: antenna, 16 pin and 8 pin. On the wire harness, you plug in both the 16 pin and 8 pin plugs to the sirius modual. The atenna is a different hook up.
For this wire harness there are 4 CAN wires that need to be connected to the 32 pin PJB adapter. 2 for each the ipod and the sirius. The ipod module has 3 ports as well: two 16 pin and one for the ipod wire. The ports are color coded to match the color on the wire harness. The only plug u need to plug in to the ipod module is the black 16 pin. The wire harness has one port for itself and this is where you plug in the aux plug that was once connected to the head unit. And finally, the remaining plug is a white 16 pin plug that plugs into the back of the head unit. I will try to upload some pdfs of the install manual when i get a chance. Any questions just ask.

Beware that the install manual does not clarify where the 32 pin PJB plug is positioned. You need to pull the glove box fuse table down and it is the farthest adapter on the left. It should be purple and blue in color.
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