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07 speed3 prices

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I've been looking at MS3's to replace my SVT Focus I sold yesterday. There is a local 07 MS3 GT with Nav. and ~22K miles for $19,900. Clean 1-owner carfax. Salesman said they have $19,500 in it and would probably take a loss on it to sell it. Seems still high compared to browsing some mazda forums. What would be the most I should pay for it?
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Well, its a GT with Nav, so it likely was MSRP'd new at 27k. So, the question is, has the car only depreciated 7k? I'd say more, especially with the fact that you can get a new 2008.5 or 2009 GT (without nav) for around 23, before taxes and other fees. Furthermore, you have more warranty, and better financing.

Best of luck!
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