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Hi! I just recently bought a set of 26lb injectors that will work for the mazda! I am just wondering since its only a 3lb difference from stock would the stock ecu be okay with it? I completely understand bigger injector difference would mess alot up, but 3lbs? Like i have a cold air intake, and exhaust. The car seems to feel and sound like its not being able to get enough fuel into cylinders, but its surely getting lots more air and lots more out!

I have done intake resonator delete, Kandn air filter instead of thicky stock filter, throttle body ground, cut muffler off to fit 3" cherry bomb with big exhaust tip!

So with intake box being able to get more air and pass through to an even faster opening throttle body quicker I am thinking its creating lean spots which in turn means less productive power!

Now lets keep paramaters way more air in, and a less restrictive exhaust! The normal injector size is 23lbs I am currently forcing the computer to hold them open longer for them to match that air to fuel, but if i put those bigger injectors in with only a difference of 3lbs more then stock wouldn't that just be right at enough the computer would consider parameters of new injectors at least not to throw a code! Now to get optimum performance out of it I would need to get tuned!
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