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here is the story i bought a 05 mazda 3 HB , it drove perfectly fine and everything was perfect no issues, so one day i was working on the vehicles motor mounts and it started to rain a little bit but me being a dumb A i didnt stop working on the car, a few days went by it was driving fine and then i was listening to music in the car and it slowly powered off and did not want to start after that, so i called a few mechanics to come look at it an each one gave me a different answer, i changed the starter,ignition coils/sparks,fuse box (engine bay area) still did not start i checked the ecu and it had water damage so i got a used and programmed ecu for the exact same car i got online it came in today and i plug it all up and still nothing, i got keys reprogramed still nothing, with the old ecu a mechanic did a bypass on the old fuse box and it started but then after 5min it would turn completely off and i turned it back on and it will stutter then wont turn over all the way, he told me it was the ecu cause it did not show any codes, so im wondering why wont the one i put in crank or even start, also forgot to mention it killed 2 batteries when i had the old ecu in, this is a pain and i really dont want to sell it, but im looking into it umm there is a blinking red light for the anti theft system when i try and turn it on and blinks really fast, anyone know what could be the problem also the illumination for the Gears on the dash is not lit up green at all?

What was done to the car is :
new ignition coils/sparks
New head light bulbs
New motor mounts
New ecu
Installed aftermarket radio and subs
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