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04 S Rear disc pad spring broken. Will it still work

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I have an 04 S with rear disc pads with 3 wires on back of inner pad to slide into rear caliper piston groove. 2 of the wires busted. Can I still use pad (over 1/2 of pad remaining) properly or will it rattle or not seat properly? What if I use the red disc quiet paste? Anyone try this? Can I make some wire replacements (doubt it)? Thanks for any suggestions.
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Might rattle, make sure it doesn't interfere with the piston movement.

I agree. It's there primarily to prevent rattle, and to a lesser degree, to pull the pad away from the rotor (prevent off-brake drag). If the spring-wires aren't doing anything to hold the pad to the piston, I would definitely remove the wires completely. Any sharp points could poke tear the piston boot allowing contaminants into your caliper.

You can try some of the goop, as it may dampen any rattle a little bit. But I would let it dry/"set up" a little bit to try to prevent adhering to the piston boot. Not sure if any chemicals in that stuff could harm rubber components. Better safe than sorry.
It will rattle... click.. and be annoying like hell. I suggest replacing it.
I just did my second brake job in 1 year for this same issue. Most OEM pads should have a lifetime warranty, and I assume most aftermarkets do too.
Replace it, man. Either get the part warrantied or spend the 60 bucks on a new part. That stuff gets real old, real fast.. :-\
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