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04 Mazda 3 dieing at stoplights

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so, I bought my mazda used in April of last year. around Oct/Nov, the car started idling rough at redlights and If I dont give it a little gas while stopped, the car would die.

Brought it in, they cleaned the Throttle Body and the problem stopped.

About a month later, I was coming home from an out of town trip and I stopped to get gas....the car then had a hard time turning over while starting and I had too give it alot of gas to get it started....drove the rest of the way home and had the same issue as above when I came off the interstate.

Next day however, all was fine and Figured there was some trash in the gas line that got pushed thorugh.

This past weekend, we drove too New Orleans and had the same problem when we got off the interstate in NO. had no prooblems starting the car bakc up to come home, but when we stopped to get gas, the same thing as above happened and I had too give it alot of gas on startup too turn over.

The difference now however, is that the problem hasnt gone away and this morning on my way to work, my car died at a stoplight again.

I am bringing it in this week as its still under warranty, but what should I tell them too look at....Im reall sick of having a car with less the 42K miles on it crappin out on me.

The guy at the shop was sayin it sounds like the air intake valve, but I dont know.

Also, its ATX 2.0L (I think thats right...2.3 is the more powerful version). Its all covered under warranty, but Seriously...Im prepared to trade this POS in and get a whole new car....I dont want too have to deal with repairs on a basically new car.

I did buy the car from a used toyota dealership, but I bring it too the Mazda dealership too get worked on.

Lastly, would this fall under a lemon law if the problems persists?

thanks in advance
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So, the delership called and rescheduled my appointment for a week from today...which really blows.

They said I could drop it off and as soon as they could get to ti they would, but they wouldnt provide me with a rental or anyhting, so now I have too drive my car around with my left foot on the brake and right foot on the gas so It doesnt idle down low enough too die.

This is a PIA..any suggesstions on what could be going on?

check the vacuum or have them check it. i used to have a festiva that did the same thing. especially in cold weather
Search for "purge control valve" topics. It seems to me it's associated with rough idle complaints and a few thought the car was going to die. I'm noticing sporadic rough idle, as well - but I'm way over warranty at 45K.

Hope this helps!
Warranty is 50k miles.
[quote author=Sam4 link=topic=68137.msg1179037#msg1179037 date=1170269495]
Search for "purge control valve" topics. It seems to me it's associated with rough idle complaints and a few thought the car was going to die. I'm noticing sporadic rough idle, as well - but I'm way over warranty at 45K.

Hope this helps!

Yeah, The guys at the shop mentioned something about that, but said that if that were to go out, my check engine light would come on...which it hasnt. Also, the dieing at redlights is a concern, but just as important is the whole issue of the car not wanting too turn over right after I fill up. This has only happened while coming off the interstate and filling the tank up, but if the purge control valve could cause this problem as well, then thats deffinatly a place too start

anymore suggestions

After reading a thread related to othe Purge Control valve...Im pretty sure this is the problem, but since my CEL isnt coming on, I dont know how to make them check it

Update, Thanks to everyone that guided me too the Purge Control Valve.....I ended up bringin the car to the other Mazda dealer in town, and htey were able to diagnos the problem and replace the part wtihin a few hrs. They were much more helpful and even offered me a loner car if the problem wasnt fixed that same day.

while I was there, another lady brought her car in. I over heard her telling the technician that she had brought her car too the Other Mazda dealership just Like I had. she had to bring it in 3-4 time with them keeping her car 2-3 days each visit and not offering her a loner. After her last visit, the problem persisted and she tried too bring her car in, but the dealership told her they couldnt fix it and to onot come back.

Crazy to think all this stress I been having was really so simple, and the whole time it was the shitty dealership I had been bringing it to. Hopefully that is the end of my problemd with this otherwise great car.

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My two year old 04 is doing that same shit. It's at dealer right now, and they are taking a look at MAF sensor. I kept telling them to look at PCV but they wouldn't because car hasn't thrown a CEL. Which is bullshit b/c I know it's the PCV.
I tried something this weekend which I thought I would never do - a tank of Premium. I know, I know - we're tuned for regular, but I noticed a noticable improvement. I intend to stay with at least an 89 from here out - the periodic rough idle was not as apparent and acceleration was smoother. I have read the reports on top tier gasoline - but it's not widely available in SE PA - and I was using a lot of WaWa gas for the best price. I use Techron with oil changes - but I can tell a difference with the octane change.

I'm sure I'll have the nay-sayers, but give it a shot ( I used 91 this time). I'll give periodic updates.
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