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Follow us on @umnitza_official or @umnitzaphotos (official is our latest headlight builds and work, photos showcases customer cars, neat projects and product updates.

We've introduced a lot of products but have not had time to keep the forums up to date on those products as we've focused on custom builds, new product roll outs, and newsletters to subscribers.

Here is a small list of the newest lighting products we've begun offering:
Luxen D1S/D2S/D3S/D4S 55W 5500Lm LED Headlight bulbs - buy it once, never buy another bulb again.
Luxen LED Headlight or Fog Light 5000lm LED bulbs - buy it once, never buy another bulb, canbus compatible.
Luxen Canbus 45W Versatile Replacement ballast - fits D1S/D2S and AMP connections
New Bixenon Retrofit Projectors and Products from the H1 Mini 7.0 @ $69 only vs $150 from the other guys to Denso/Matsushita OE Ballasts to the newest and best FXR V4 (no other projector is as good for the money).
ICETEC 200W LED upgrade for H8 applications - the brightest known plug and play LED angel eyes upgrade on the market
Orion DTM - Square bottom LED rings - also available in SwitchBack Variety

There are MANY MANY more being added on the site, like our new courtesy lights, interior LED, turn signal and reverse LED lights, new retrofit projectors, etc. We have also simplified our headlight ordering system while also lowering the prices. Now you can order the headlights in almost every possible configuration to your heart's desire. See below for some of the amazing builds we've done.

Here's the latest photo from Justin E. aka @Cleanculture_F30 with special shout out to SchwaaFilms for their photography!
Our product showcased is the F30 DTM headlights

Watch @umnitza_instagram for the latest features of our builds and our customer projects. Yep, we've been busy!
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