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All prices end on Friday of next week and are subject to stock on hand. We expect items to sell out quickly based on the prices listed, so don't delay. If your item is not in stock at the time of purchase, we will notify you and honor the price and still ship you the parts. Shipping of all items will be first come first served. Please accept up to 2 weeks delay for delivery.


Orion V2 6000K - $130 SHIPPED (LIFETIME WARRANTY) – 5 Kits Only

Orion V4 6000K - $225 SHIPPED (LIFETIME WARRANTY) – 5 Kits Only

Orion V2 Multi-Color - $269.99 - $30 off – 3 kits

Orion V4 E92/E60 Kits - $280 SHIPPED (LIFETIME WARRANTY) – 5 Kits Only

Orion DTM 6000K - $120 Shipped – 3 kits Only

Orion DTM RGB/Multi-Color - $289 with Wifi/Android/Iphone App – 3 kits Only

ICE VXX for E60/E39 SuperSpecial - $55 for 6 months warranty, $79 for 1 year, $129 for lifetime warranty - Maximum 20 kits at this price

DTEC ICETEC H8 128W - $99 + Shipping (REGULARLY $199 + shipping) – 10 kits maximum

CCFL Generic Angel Eyes - $29.99

Selected Angel Eyes Models On Special
Ford Mustang Orion V2.5 LED Angel Eyes - $59.99 – blow out! – 7 kits remaining

Nissan GTR LED Angel Eyes Orion V2

Nissan Maxima 2002-2003 Orion V2

A special note about the Subaru STI Kits. These kits use our proprietary 8X rings. The 8X rings are compatible with many models and retrofits.
If you considering a 2 ring combo to go along with our Black Friday projectors special, these are the kits for you
Subaru Orion V2 6000K

Subaru Orion V2 Multi-Color

Headlights - ALL MAKES AND MODELS All headlights are free shipping**

Also, DJ Auto headlight covers are on special:

All Other Makes

Call 877 486 6489 - we will be open on Friday, closed on Thursday, Saturday/Sunday.
* All Sales are per our Terms and conditions. SHIPPED refers to 48 states shipping on most items. Bumpers are only 48 States Shipping. Some bumpers will ship door to door freight, greyhound, or other means, please inquire first. Some items may be delayed due to sales demand, please allow up to 15 days for delivery on some items. FREE SHIPPING DOES NOT APPLY TO INTERNATIONAL ORDERS. WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO CANCEL OR AMEND YOUR INTERNATIONAL ORDER (that means Canada and Mexico especially).
** Due to limitations in our software currently, all free shipping will be credited to your card at the time of purchase if you do it on the web site OR if you call in, you can have free shipping immediately on order.
***We do apologize, previous orders before this announcement cannot be adjusted.
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