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  1. MazdaSpeed
    I have a ‘13 speed 3, it is mostly stock it just got a corksport cold air intake. Is it fine if I install a cobb catback exhaust into it ?
  2. MazdaSpeed3 Modifications
    08 speed3 with lots of aftermarket. Recently my old turbo took a shit and I got a new one installed. Fast forward to today and I got it back. As I’m driving I’m noticing my boost pressure is hitting ab 20psi. Normal I wouldn’t be concerned but it seems it’s not a smooth transition. Normally I...
  3. Modifications
    So I tried looking around here and online but I haven’t really found anything about it. My question is with the access port v3 do I have to buy a COBB intercooler or am I good to run a different brand intercooler with out having to get a professional tune done?
  4. Powertrain for 2010-2013
    My 2013 Speed 3 with just over 70,000 miles went into limp mode this week, just lost power and then wouldn't go above 3000rpm. Pretty unremarkable, happened under mild driving conditions, nothing seemed to break, no horrible sound under the hood. I was able to restart, drive about a mile trying...
  5. For Sale | M3F
    Selling my paperweight... I mean, my speed. Since the pandemic, it has been driven very little as I now work from home and there's no sign of me going back. Someone else should buy and love this beast the way it's meant to be loved. Miles: ~91.5k Location: Cary, NC There are a few things that...
  6. For Sale | M3F
    Hello i Have a complete DC sports 1st gen Mazdaspeed3 full ss catback exhaust system. This is a bolt on unit, full 3" t304 ss. Thich flanges, nice welds. Comes with instructions and nuts/bolts. This is a 3 piece design. Works on other mazda 3 years/variants with some minor minor mods. I decided...
1-6 of 6 Results