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  1. Oil Burning + CEL Issues on 2004 BK Mazda 3 SP23/Sport GT

    Stock Issues
    I own an 04 SP23 and it has always burnt oil excessively, around 1-1.2L per 1000km (around a quart every 550 miles). There is no blue smoke coming from the exhaust and no evidence of oil leaks anywhere. Ever since owning the car, it has always displayed a P0420 CEL, which when cleared...
  2. SP23 model name(s)?

    Models / Trim
    Hi all, I just recently bought an ‘08 SP23 and have been finding it difficult to find information on overseas sites (I’m in Australia) I was wondering what the model was known as in America and such, after a bit of research I think it’s a GT but I could be completely wrong and just wanted to see...