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  1. Mazda3 (Axela)
    I have a 2011 hatchback Mazda 3. I got hit by a truck so the left driver and passenger doors are dented. Finding sedan doors in my area are a lot easier. Can the Mazda 3 sedan doors be to used, are they compatible?
  2. Mazda News
    I've had my Mazda 3 2006 for 3 years now and it's always had the same issue. The AC light will all the sudden turn off and cold air stops blowing BUT I have recently found that if I but my car in park and back in drive (I have an automatic) it turns back on??? It's consistent. My husband thought...
  3. Suspension / Brakes This post had mostly the exact same symptoms. Originally I thought it was my rotors rubbing on the pads. My rotors were warped and pads were below 2mm so I replaced the lot. Issue persists. I cracked a rim and decided to change all...
  4. Modifications
    Im struggling with fitment a bit on my 05 mazda 3 sedan. Im on coilovers, and need a couple degrees of negative camber in the front to narrow down the perfect fitment. How do i go about doing that. my coilovers dont have camber plates on them, i cant find a camber kit for my cars fronts and only...
  5. Mazda3 (Axela)
    Hello. I'm a proud owner of a Mazda 3 (2006) sedan, but unfortunately the rust has taken over and I need to replace the right front door shell. I looked for donors nearby and only found a Mazda3 hatchback (2005) in the same colour. Are the front doors of these two models compatible or shouId I...
  6. Mazda3 (Axela)
    Hello, new owner here. Just bought this for my son and need a bit of advice. I've been through the Noob threads and see there's lots of good info there. I have two 2002 BMW E46's I work on a lot so not unfamiliar with working on cars, just Mazdas! Anyway, car has 123,000 miles and is in very...
  7. Mazda3 (Axela)
    Hello all, I've just began the adventure of modding my not so young Mazda 3 2006 (sedan). Naturally I went with the practical mods, new speakers, a new headunit, some dashcams and a reverse camera. The reverse camera being the latest of the bunch, I just finished installing it yesterday. Went...
  8. Modifications
    Hello I recently purchased a 2016 mazda 3 sedan. Wondering if anyone knew where is a good place to buy aftermarket spoiler in Canada/Canadian website? Everything I can find online comes from USA and has high duty and shipping fees. Thank you!
1-8 of 8 Results