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  1. Suspension / Brakes
    Whenever I accelerate and coast the rear of the car makes a rattling sound ? I see this is a common issue with the Mazda 3 but has anyone ever solved this issue. Is it the sway bar links or springs ? I have new shocks in the rear and my car is 2005 Mazda 3i What exactly do i have to buy?
  2. Suspension / Brakes
    Hi all, I replaced my rear shocks on my 2006 Mazda3 with 186K miles on it with the Monroe 5607. I think it still had the stock ones on the car - whoops! Anyway, after replacing the shocks there was a rear clunking over small bumps (high frequency, I guess?), and the noise was not there before...
  3. Mazda3 (Axela)
    Hi there, this is my first post on this forum. I just want to explain a couple of little noises I’m hearing to make sure they are normal before calling the dealer. I’m sharing the car with somebody who took it out on a PCP finance plan. I chose the car for us and the Mazda dealer gave us a one...
1-3 of 3 Results