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  1. Powertrain 2004-2009 Mazda3
    I have one of the mechanics at my local Mazda dealership do the more in-depth work on my car, such as fluid flushes, alignments, etc. Last year, he noted in his inspection that one of the engine mounts is going out. I think it's the passenger side, but I don't remember and will have to inquire...
  2. Powertrain 2014+ Mazda3
    Hi, I was hoping if anyone could help me confirm a failed rear motor mount. My 2.5L 2014 Mazda 3 has this very noticeable tapping sound, almost like a flutter which starts off loud and gets quieter over a few seconds. It occurs when starting the engine, stopping the engine and pressing the...
  3. Mazda3 (Axela)
    So i was trying to replace my passenger motor mount on my 04 mazda3 (2.0) and the nut on the motor stud rounded really bad and i don’t know how to replace it, if anyone has any ideas it will be greatly appreciated!
  4. Powertrain for 2010-2013
    2011 Mazda3 i Touring 2.0 Liter manual transmission Do the manual and automatic transmission have the same mounts? From what I've seen so far I think I need: Front side engine mount BBM2-39-060A Trans mount BBM5-39-070C Rear mount BP4S-39-040B Any help is greatly appreciated?
  5. Modifications
    Hey guys, I'm torn between the Corksport and the Damond Motorsport motor mounts (mainly interested in the rear but I will get a side mount to match). I have an '08 2.3 hatch with a 5 speed and I like to drive her hard. Wondering if anyone on here has experience with either or both and would like...
1-5 of 5 Results