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  1. Powertrain 2004-2009 Mazda3
    Has anyone swapped out the stock 2.3 manual drive train for the Mazda speed 3 drive train on an original 2004 s trim?
  2. Powertrain 2004-2009 Mazda3
    Hey all, First post. Apologies if this is covered elsewhere, I've looked for a whole and don't see my question covered elsewhere. My son is thinking of buying a 2009 Mazdaspeed 3 with a blown 2.3 turbo/manual transmission. As we all know the replacement engine is too expensive so I'm...
  3. MazdaSpeed
    A couple days ago I bought a Mazdaspeed3. It’s got 91k miles. However, I noticed today when I turn the car off there is immediately a squeak that follows it as the engine is settling. It’s coming from the belt area. The serpentine belt looks slightly dry rotted. The other belt looks almost brand...
  4. Mazda News
    Hey! So, I just bought a 2010 mazdaspeed3 as a project. Well, it’s blowing white smoke from the tail pipe, has horrible blow by and it burning oil. Does this sound like a blown engine or turbo issues? I’m not sure what to do here.
  5. Stock Issues
    So one of my coil assy keeps burning out causing a miss fire and my mechanic doesn't know why and was hoping someone on here might have an idea. 2011 speed3
  6. MazdaSpeed3 Modifications
    Hey there, so I just recently got a 1st gen ms3 and it either needs a rebuild or new engine. The previous owner ran out of oil when driving and now there’s knocking. I’m wondering if I should engine swap or just rebuild. And if I engine swap, what should I get? Or should I just rebuild. Let me know.
1-6 of 6 Results