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  1. Wheels / Tires
    2005 Mazda 3 Harchback 2.3L Hey all, forgive my ignorance. I’ve never gotten the opportunity to work on a car, but I’ll do my best to explain the situation. I recently had new brakes and rotors put on my Mazda, I believe the mechanics left some air in the lines and did not bleed it out so I’m...
  2. MazdaSpeed3 Modifications
    Just got this 07 mazda speed3 a few months ago from a private owner. My car had been driving fine up until a few weeks ago. Now it's starting to bog when I start it up but it will stop and than when I drive it will bog and it just feels like it's holding back.
  3. MazdaSpeed
    Dear reader, Since recently I have been really looking into the Mazdaspeed 3 and to be honest I don't want any other car anymore. I haven't driven one myself (yet) but by the looks and performance on video's I have been amazed. Currently I am looking to buy one I just don't know what the points...
  4. Powertrain 2004-2009 Mazda3
    I just had the clutch replaced on my 2007 Mazda 3 2.3 sport. The mechanic ordered the wrong clutch kit. They ordered a kit for a mazdaspeed3. They installed the plates then realized the bearing wouldn't fit. So they ordered another kit(presumably the correct one) but they only used the bearing...
  5. Mazda3 (Axela)
    Hello everyone im now a proud owner of a 2008 Mazda 3 s sport with only 48k miles! Im looking to keep the car long term and ive heard about problems with the reliability of the 2.3 specifically the oil burning issue the pcv valve and a few other stuff i would like to hear your guys...
  6. Mazda News
    Hi! I just recently bought a set of 26lb injectors that will work for the mazda! I am just wondering since its only a 3lb difference from stock would the stock ecu be okay with it? I completely understand bigger injector difference would mess alot up, but 3lbs? Like i have a cold air intake, and...
  7. Modifications
    Hey all! I’ve got an ‘07 Mazda 3 MPS and I was wondering what kind of seats I’d be able to fit in it? I’ve seen some Corbeau RRS’s which I’d love to install, but I don’t know if they’d fit. What do you think? Any other suggestions?
  8. Modifications
    I just bought a 2006 mazda3 hatchback and wanna make a fun at home rally car out of it and just want some insight on stuff to put on it. I would like opinions on suspension mostly and maybe rear spoilers. Any help is great help thanks.
  9. Mazda3 (Axela)
    Hey i was think in making my 2.0l bk neo sport quick. is it possible to fit a 6speed transmission from a sp23 or mps into the 2.0l? And if it does has anyone done it and felt a difference. also i would like to know what have you guys done to a 2.0l to make it perform better and has power.
  10. Stock Issues
    I have a 2008 Mazda 3 hatch with a 2.3 I4. Whenever I’m on the highway and I cruise towards 60 the car makes a huge clunk and the car continues to drive perfectly fine after. But this is no ordinary clunk, it’s a hard jolt forward. Best thing I can think of right now is the throttle body.
  11. Powertrain 2004-2009 Mazda3
    Hi everyone! I'm new to these forums so please forgive me if I've posted in the wrong place... We've got a 2006 Mazda 3 2.3L. It recently started making this awful noise... See video, it's very noticeable. The noise only happens when the blower is on (with AC either on OR off) and almost...
  12. Modifications
    I just finished doing a swap on mazda 3 from a 2005 2.3 to 2004 2.0. Used the 2.3 wiring harness, computer and all the sensors everything connected smoothly. The problem I am havings is no spark at the coils. Checked everything and nothing comes up. Change crankshaft position sensor did timing...
1-12 of 12 Results