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  1. Mazda3 (Axela)
    I'm getting ready to swap out the clutch in my 2011 mazda3 2.0 5speed what tools do I need to get this done and I don't have a lift just jack and stands. I'm knowledgeable on doing the job, but it's been a while, so I wanted to be sure I had everything I needed before I tear my baby a.k.a "the...
  2. Wheels / Tires
    Obligatory "I'm new here, nice to meet you all!" as this is my first post on the forum. I'll just get into my preamble: I bought a 2008 Mazda 3 i a few months ago and it has served me well. I've done some work on the car but the tread is worn down on all the tires and do need replacing. I...
1-2 of 2 Results