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  1. Powertrain for 2010-2013
    My 2013 Speed 3 with just over 70,000 miles went into limp mode this week, just lost power and then wouldn't go above 3000rpm. Pretty unremarkable, happened under mild driving conditions, nothing seemed to break, no horrible sound under the hood. I was able to restart, drive about a mile trying...
  2. Stock Issues
    Having technical difficulties. 2010 2.0 mz3. Always starting in limp mode. But when I take off negative terminal, put the key in acc position, put the terminal back on, the throttle body clicks on, I start the car, no hesitation, no limp mode. Without doing this procedure it'll always...
  3. Powertrain for 2010-2013
    Would a o2 sensor cause limp mode? Only code is upstream o2 sensor and ecm but ecm is still good, have no throttle response, 2k rpm, need feedback asap?
1-3 of 3 Results