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  1. MazdaSpeed
    Hello, Im looking to purchase a bodykit for my 08 mazdaspeed3. Ive been searching around all kind of websites and even looking into japanese companies that do international shipping. Im wondering if there is any companies out there that make complete kits. Even widebody kits are cool. Let me...
  2. Stock Issues
    I just recently bought a 2004 Mazda 3 Hatchback with 178,000 miles on it. After I had put about 100 miles or so on it I started to get this noise (). I want to know if anyone knows what it is and if I should be too concerned about it. Thanks!
  3. Technical Information, FAQ's, How-To's
    I have about 100k miles and did a coolant flush and fill not too long ago. Oil changes regularly. Trying to figure out the possible causes of overheating with these symptoms: -Fans kick on like normal, but car starts to climb to temps above 230F at idle -Doing a pull or driving at higher revs...
  4. MazdaSpeed3 DISI General Powertrain
    Can I run 4port boost controller gen1 ?
  5. For Sale | M3F
    18" black OZ Racing Ultraleggera; Braum race seats, Alpine sub and stealthbox, Corksport LED kit inside and out, Oracle halos, stock powertrain. Needs turbo and VVTI replaced, but otherwise in excellent shape. This is the first car I ever bought new, and I have babied the hell out of it the past...
1-5 of 5 Results