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  1. Technical Info, FAQ's, How-To's & Installations
    I recently got a set of kicker CSS68 and CSC68 speakers to replace my crappy Bose door speakers in my 09 Mazdaspeed3 GT, plus a Pioneer TS-G520 for under the front seat. Along with those, I picked up a Kicker 46HS10 Hideaway Subwoofer with a 180-watt amp built in for the trunk. It comes with...
  2. Modifications
    Hello everyone. I have bought a new radio for my Mazda, but I ran into the problem, that the new radio is a 12v, while the original radio only sended 6v down to the amplifier. (Bose bbm2 66 a20) I have the opportunity to get a guy to make a little thing so the amplifier only gets the 6v, but...
  3. Mazda3 (Axela)
    Im about to buy a mazda 3 from 2007 with bose sound. I am planning to install an aftermarket HU, as i want to install a sub, and i need the bluetooth connection. Is this possible, or is the speaker signal from the HU going to get amplified by the bose amp, making the signal loud/distorted...
  4. Stock Issues
    I want to replace my Bose amp with a new amp. looking for something easy to install myself. Im not very techy when it comes to audio systems. not looking for a crazy loud system either. I just want to listen to the radio again! Please help!
1-4 of 4 Results