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MazdaSpeed3 Stock Issues

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  1. Engine compression issues
  2. 2007 speed 3 turbo not working
  3. Accelerator / Vacuum issues?
  4. Blown Fuel Injector Pump Fuse
  5. MS3 EGR Pipe Removal Saga
  6. Pulls/Dives hard left on bumps at high speed
  7. Smoking turbo
  8. Check your paint on 2013 MS3's...
  9. Help identifying part #
  10. P2187, the self-resolving CEL?
  11. Most smoke EVER
  12. Air Conditioner Rattle
  13. Passenger MM Time
  14. P2178 and P2188
  15. Speed3 Rattling sound when accelerating
  16. Starting problems
  17. Parts list?
  18. Need a gas cap
  19. O2 sensor dying?
  20. Giving the speed a good inspection
  21. cel's in cold weather
  22. 08 Speed3 Battery...time?
  23. Driver and passenger front windows will not move
  24. 08 ms3 55k miles. rattle at shutdown loose timing chain? video
  25. Spark plug based fuel comsumption discucssion
  26. Axle question
  27. Which tensioner???
  28. Drivers Door Lock Actuator
  29. Cleaned MAF and IAT - motor still bucks/hesitates 2500-3000 RPM, no CEL
  30. Leaking hatch vent... WTF?
  31. Blown shock question
  32. How to tell If you purchased Mazda's extended warranty?
  33. How much "play" in the shifter is normal?
  34. cel after filter replacement.
  35. Auto Headlight Sensor
  36. 2007 Mazdaspeed3 Transmission Problems/Noise!!!
  37. gas cap is stuck not sure what to do
  38. Stock MazdaSpeed running lean?
  39. Another 1st to 2nd griding when cold topic
  40. p0301 Cylinder 1 Misfire "detected"
  41. Normal Oil Consumption?
  42. Rattling from Odometer?
  43. The dreaded 2nd gear pop out...
  44. Boost Sensor Issue(Inside Intake Manifold)
  45. First the RMM. Now the shift lever. What else on this POS ticking time bomb?
  46. Car stuttering after fill up, P2187 CEL
  47. Mazda has two different rear (frame) bolts for RMM, which one is correct?
  48. 2008.5 steering wheel clicks and pops, worse with cold weather. Dealer baffled.
  49. Exhaust Smoking (smells like coolant?)
  50. Weird Ticking Noise With Revs & CEL???
  51. Help please turbo not working
  52. It feels sluggish...
  53. 2007 Mazdaspeed 3 - OEM Alarm Arms itself
  54. Air bag Light on Drivers Console Stays On
  55. new vvt actuator, chain, tensioner, and guides
  56. noise when turning by passenger front door
  57. MS3 owners (pre-2010), need HELP - pics and info on failed/failing RMMs
  58. Throwout Bearing - Clutch Release Bearing Part Number
  59. P0300 random misfire
  60. speed 3 PCM
  61. MS3 OEM fender question
  62. Po134 bank one sensor one
  63. 2010 MS3, loud pop when backing out in the morning.
  64. Mazdaspeed3 Dying After Starting (Possible Fuel Injection Issue)
  65. little help oil leak....missing bolt?
  66. Gt2871r on Stock internals
  67. ms3 just started idling horribly
  68. not a happy speed 3 owner
  69. Should I replace my turbo?
  70. Passenger area rattle - hard to identify location
  71. Clutch Problem? :( Please help!
  72. Stock Front lip replacemnet?
  73. Snap noise from the front left???
  74. Clutch replacment at 26K miles??
  75. passenger door lock is sticking on my 2007 mazda 3...what could be wrong?
  76. MOVED: Brake dust
  77. Grinding noise videoed
  78. Throw Out Bearing on the fritz
  79. P0303 then P0300 Codes
  80. Radiator Fan Always Running on High
  81. Is this a sign of a bad fuel pump?
  82. MS3 Gen 1: Squeeking/creeking noise coming from back, mostly left side
  83. Noises when changing direction. Anyone else experiencing them?
  84. Hatchback cargo lid removal?
  85. A/C stopped blowing cold
  86. sea foam..yay or nay?
  87. Slow start and 50mph and up shudder
  88. 2010 MS3 Turbo Feeling Sluggish
  89. 2007 MS3 47k smoking turbo
  90. slight thump shifting transmission into gear from neutral only
  91. How many trouble free miles? Tell us about your car.
  92. Anyone else have an issue with their 2010 speed3 AUX input?
  93. TWM vs E4P Short Shifters, which is better?
  94. 30k tune up at non dealership??
  95. Stutter After Shift During Acceleration
  96. Possible leak?
  97. whueh whueh noise from front end when turning
  98. Parking brake rattle
  99. Bad Turbo Results in New Block (my experiences)
  100. Mazdaspeed 3 driveline and suspension problems
  101. Burnt Smell coming from the ventilation system
  102. Engine revving as I pop into the clutch when I come to a stop, what's going on?
  103. B-pillar creaking fixed!
  104. Sqeaky Belt In Rain - Your Solutions?
  105. Incompatible Metals - MS3
  106. Weird brake pads/rotors grinding issue when cold?
  107. Grinding noise drivers side front on 2010. MS3 5 k warranty check in.
  108. Rumble when I turn car off....
  109. MOVED: Homelink help
  110. Leaking Timing cover
  111. MS3 White Exhaust deemed too light of oil?
  112. THIS is a short throw ?
  113. CEL Code P2188
  114. VERY squeaky suspension in cold weather
  115. Bad Starter & Purge Valve
  116. MOVED: Fog Light Broken?
  117. just wondering
  118. Rubber inserts falling off Mazdaspeed3 pedals?
  119. Is this the start of a smoking turbo?
  120. How to remove or better curb-rash on my Mazdaspeed Rays?
  121. Car not shifting into 1st 3rd or 5th
  122. 100k powertrain warranty apply to turbo seal problem?
  123. power loss
  124. How long do stock breaks last?
  125. Slight stuttering during high throttle
  126. Intermittent trouble starting
  127. Dealership recommending intake manifold service @ 36k miles...
  128. No brake lights, no horn...
  129. Cracking sound during brake release
  130. Brakes? Alignment? Gremlins? Random pulling + steering feels "off"
  131. Bose Sub
  132. MOVED: smiley face
  133. another smoking turbo
  134. Woo-Hoo!!! Now my MS3 needs a VVT actuator...
  135. Quick Windshield ???
  136. clunk/knock noise when accelerating/decelerating
  137. Difficult to disengage 1st and Reverse
  138. need part # or where to find it?
  139. Squeeking/creeking coming from my drivers seat - IMGOINGINSANE
  140. Transmission noise?
  141. Transmission Cured
  142. Side door moldings coming off?
  143. MOVED: Door Lock Issue
  144. Fog lights
  145. New speed owner need some help/pics please
  146. HELP! 1.04 threw 6 codes on my way to work!
  147. Windshield Rain and Light Sensor going bad (again)
  148. Air Conditioning stopped working
  149. Clicking at speed when MS3 is in neutral
  150. rattle from engine compartment at low RPM
  151. List of problems/questions with 2007 Speed3...
  152. CEL/Purge Valve
  153. crap on front and passanger front windows / stick up and down?
  154. Can anyone give instructions on how to R&R the AC condensor?
  155. MOVED: 33K miles - is getting the xtended warrantee a waste of $$$ ??
  156. white exhaust smoke
  157. Weird noise when going over bumps, like "loose change".
  158. Is this the proper performace of the turbo
  159. new speed3 owner's likes and dislikes and ?s
  160. Rattle/Clicking noise when decelerating
  162. Turbocharger leaks oil at 15k mile
  163. pcm failure trouble code po138
  164. Just a quick question
  165. Code P2187, P2177
  166. subwoofer issues...
  167. Why wont my Radio work
  168. loose steering column or rack
  169. MOVED: MS3 all weather floor mat
  170. Noise from Fuel pump?
  171. MOVED: Time for Spark plug & Plug wire change
  172. Radio / Gauges intermittent off and on
  173. Getting a new turbo... again
  174. Is this smell normal?
  175. Steering Column rattle
  176. Rattle from pass rear side motor
  177. "Soft pedaling" in the MS3
  178. Starter Not Cranking
  179. MAF Sensor failing.
  180. MOVED: Where's the bass on the MS3 Bose system?
  181. power loss
  182. 2008 Mazdaspeed 3 pops out of 2nd gear under heavy breaking
  183. 2nd gear
  184. 51 k look at my 07 MS3
  185. MOVED: panic alarm goes off randomly - HELP!
  186. Stuck Parking Brake
  187. Last chance for warranty
  188. Horn doesn't work
  189. stock plug life?
  190. 08.5 Rattle between the radio, NOT piano black area *pics included*
  191. Driver side center brace structure noise
  192. cold starts=dead
  193. scratches on shift knob alum ring ?
  194. bang/thud when shifting
  195. Clunking sound from rear suspension.
  196. 09 Speed 3 Stock Boost
  197. MS3 black smoke
  198. Is this a leaking bpv?
  199. OEM Battery Died After Two Years!
  200. Did we ever figure out that low rpm, 6th gear stutter?
  201. Loud banging from dash (Interesting new "problem")
  202. Just got a Speed3! Great but don't understand why the radiator fan turns on
  203. RANT: Mazda has the cheapest Windshield I've ever seen.
  204. Drain Plug Washer
  205. wierd squek coming from rear of engine
  206. annoying clicking noise when passenger window half open
  207. Front uneven tire wear on my 08 MS3
  208. shifter
  209. Buzzing sound from Fuel pump after car sits a while. Why?
  210. Speed3 Performance Drop-Off???
  211. Burning rubber smell (not from tires) MS3
  213. nosies coming from the engine...
  214. flat spoting tires
  216. Stopped by dealership for a chat
  217. popping noise when letting out clutch with cold start
  218. Noise comming fron car.
  219. paranoid :O
  220. Normal service intervals.
  221. Engine Fell
  222. New Mazdaspeed CAI out!....I think
  223. difficult second gear
  224. Radiator cooling fan running high and loud / full speed all the time
  225. stalling and sputtering.
  226. Turbo Smoke
  227. CEL on Stock car
  228. 2007 ms3 radio problem
  230. Window Creak fixed in 09?
  231. ms3 family car?
  232. clutch burnout after 22k miles.
  233. P2402 EVAP system leak detection pump control circuit high ON 2 Evaporative
  234. wierd metal "kinda like a bad bearing Noise" from engine
  235. weird wanking noise when turning off...
  236. why cant we hear our turbos stock?!!?
  237. air leaking sound when accelerating out of first gear
  238. Binding sound when turing wheel
  239. shifter nob jewel is loose. help?
  241. bad stabilizer links?
  242. grinding 2nd gear
  243. New Mod: Tailpipe afterburner / MS3 Bolt on Rocket.
  244. Brand New Speed 3 with issues
  245. What did I do? Third gear issue while burning out.
  246. MS3 ecu harness wiring diagram?
  247. Shock absorbers: broken in = worn out
  248. Tail light issue
  249. sloppy shifter and inop aux port
  250. Brake honing sound