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  1. MS3 vs cx-7
  2. No0b Q's Re: Cobb Accessport
  3. What should Oil Pressure be? Oil Light flickering
  4. Trans mount differences
  5. MS3 transmission sensitive to temperature?
  6. 2007 speed3 thermostat
  7. 2010+ engine
  8. "Excessive" engine braking, is there such a thing?
  9. 39k miles and 2 motor mounts broken???
  10. How-to: replace Mazdaspeed 3 purge solenoid valve
  11. ACT clutch kit: ZX5-HDSS VS ZX4-HDSS?
  12. dnA CAT-BACK exhaust
  13. New clutch disk, slipping with 0 miles on it.
  14. Removing the stock Catback w/o any cutting? 1st Gen MS3
  15. Magnaflow vs Racing Beat (ms3)
  16. need some advice
  17. 500+ HP Mazdaspeed3, AccessPORT Tuned
  18. Drivetrain Tick
  19. AC help!!!!
  20. Dual Mass Flywheel
  21. Car at the dealer with P0303
  22. White smoke....
  23. CELís P2089, U0100, U0101, U0140, AND U2064.
  24. 2007 ms3 excessive lsd squeal after ford trans juice fill.
  25. Need advice lost 50 miles per tank of gas after BOV install
  26. Mazda OEM Tranny Fluid
  27. JBarone Short Shift Plate installed
  28. Shift Noises.
  29. 60 Durometer CP-E Rear Motor Mount installed
  30. gaz foot pedal issue MS3 07'
  31. Just threw a rod, what are my options?
  32. Penzoil ultra
  33. Spark plugs
  34. Transmission Grind. Change oil or mount?
  35. Bubbling noise from exhaust
  36. Smoking issues
  37. Cant achieve factory 0-60
  38. MS3,MZ3, MZ5 Engine Mount Torq Specs
  39. P0234 and Stuff
  40. People with the short shifter, armrest gets in the way?
  41. Noise when turning off car (video)
  42. 4th gear *THUD!* sound upon entry...
  43. To Change Tranny Oil?
  44. Blew out my first Gear
  45. 08 Speed3 serpentine belt question??
  46. Partial transmission rebuild --> front end moans + steering wheel clicks
  47. CEL- P2187???? And squeaking noise!? Whats the cause
  48. Need Help with Side mirror
  49. tranny fluid for LSD which one for MS3?
  50. Oil Filter Change
  51. Couple Questions
  52. Need some help with diagnosing a transmission noise
  53. Jumping off the Band wagon....Not Happy w/the Ford Transmission Fluid....
  54. How do you replace the serpentine belt?
  55. Steering Issue: Hard Pull Right in 2nd and 3rd Gear? Is this normal - HELP!
  56. Blown, what do i do?
  57. Recent drivetrain whine
  58. Clutch Going Out
  59. Just got a White 2010 Mazdaspeed3! Break in questions
  60. Thermostat Fitment
  61. Oil Change Indicator?
  62. Bent rods common?
  63. It's 102 degrees in the shade
  64. What is the real deal with the smoking issue with our cars?
  65. 3rd -> 2nd gate jam?
  66. Oil consumtion?
  67. smoking exhaust. PLEAS HELP
  68. Motor Mount Issues
  69. Mazdaspeed 3 and 6 accesories
  70. TWM vs SU vs *others* shifter bushings
  71. Tranny fluid change?
  72. Is this the beginning of RMM failure/wheel hop?
  73. Why is 1st gear *sometimes* easy to engage, and sometimes not?
  74. Mazda M-V ATF??
  75. Stock Oil level for 07 Mazdaspeed 3
  76. really dumb problem: can't get the cowling off
  77. rattling coming from tranny.
  78. MOVED: Anyone looking for cheap Short shift plate??
  79. rough chain noise when starting = new timing chain
  80. Intermittent P2187 Code after K&N Filter Install
  81. 4th Gear Stumble at 5,000RPM
  82. problem fixed, close thread please
  83. Consequences of engine oil overfilling?
  84. Squeak from pedal area.
  85. Extra jerky 1st and 2nd gear
  86. All XT-M5-QS users!
  87. Spark Plugs?
  88. transmission fluid change
  89. 2009 -> 2010 Gear Swap
  90. Question about shifter
  91. Smoother shifting... hmm?
  92. First loud 'Thud' experience- Aftermath question
  93. Just did Mobil 1 75w-90 in trans. Warm it works great, cold 1st and R are crap?
  94. Motul 300V 5W30 or Motul 8100 Eco-nergy 5W30 engine oil?
  95. P2188 CEL on this morning then off now
  96. 4th - 3rd downshifts, they feel like loose change...
  97. 0W30 oil
  98. How long do you let your speed3 engine cool down before you turn it off?
  99. VTCS plates
  100. Help with clutch pedal issue
  101. How do you get that #@^$%@$ oil filter off?!
  102. Free oil from dealer or buy my own???
  103. new turbo and synth in tranny
  104. MOVED: Oil Change
  105. ETD install need help asap
  106. Transmission problems...
  107. Possible mis fireing engine?
  108. Bizarre clunk when starting from still, 08 MS3
  109. Royal Purple Gear Oil And "The GL5 Issue"
  110. What other car(s) out there has a more difficult clutch?
  111. External Oil Cooler for MS3
  112. 08.5 question bout down pipe.
  113. My speed3 is snorting like a horse
  114. 09' Speed 3 clutch questions....
  115. Speed3 gas octane
  116. Notchy gear lever?
  117. Do I need AP?
  118. engine tuning
  119. Bad CV Joint?
  120. 6spd Tranny Oil
  121. Performance Upgrades
  122. Factory.....Wideband.....Sensor?
  123. DI intake valve deposits
  124. Thump from engine. WTF?
  125. MOVED: CAI and SRI
  126. Installing a Test Pipe?? Any forseeable negatives??
  127. Speed 3 Shifting Tips?
  128. installed TRZ poly + Engine Torque Damper (review+tips)
  129. TRZ poly + ETD = overkill for a DD?
  130. High Pitched metal on metal sound
  131. Limited slip differential, dealer fears ...
  132. sodium filled exhaust valves
  133. MS3 with QTP E-cutout fabbed onto PTP MP.... I can't hear myself think!!
  134. Setting Valve timing after a engine build
  135. Laboratory Analysis of Mobil1 with 4200 miles. High iron wear.
  136. Clutch Travel, high engagement-point question.
  137. cobb SRI and inlet tube?
  138. Smoking Turbo covered under Powertrain Warranty?
  139. 2007 MPS (2.3 turbo 6spd) Shifting Poorly
  141. How bad is Wheelhop potentially?
  142. DISI SWAP
  143. Premium fuel for a 2008 MS3?
  144. grinding when going into 3rd
  145. Cost/effort to replace a clutch?
  146. Dealer said-no syntetic!?
  147. Where at do you change oil?
  148. Oil Pan Gasket Leak - TSB? - all speeds and CX7
  149. How to bleed the MazdaSpeed 3 clutch slave cylinder
  150. flywheel torque specs
  151. Grinding sound???
  152. Does anyone know what this harness/plug is?
  153. 1st - 3rd - 5th gears
  154. Notchy VS Grinding.... another shifter question
  155. UOA Results: PP 5W-30 FTW!
  156. stp fuel system cleaner.. good or bad??
  157. steering wheel jerk when letting out clutch--normal or not?
  158. MOVED: quetions on speed oil change. help
  159. Shell Rotella T 5W-40 syn in the speed
  160. MS3 Clutch or Tranny problem! NEED YOUR HELP PLEASE!
  161. Mixing synth, standard transmission fluid?
  162. Just brought my speed3 home with issues
  163. squeek from from engine during shut down.
  164. Improving the shifter
  165. I burn the clutch of my MazdaSpeed3, any sigestions?
  166. 5W-30 PP UOA 3,500 miles
  167. Questions about rumors i have heard
  168. Current MPG reading on trip CPU under acceleration...
  169. So who's actually worn out their clutch so far?
  170. Gear Oil
  171. 0w50 Eneos...hmm
  172. feels like my turbo is DEAD!!! help!
  173. Can't Shift into 3rd @ WOT!?!
  174. Oil test results using Royal Purple
  175. Slight "tick" sound when I first move after cold start
  176. Hypermiling the MS3....need your input
  177. Help! How to take PCV out
  178. Oil in my CC now...
  179. Ticking at Idle
  180. Ford Motorcraft Cartridge Filter question
  181. Would an FMIC improve A/C cooling? (No, I'm not crazy!)
  182. ProSport Oil Filter Sandwich Plate Adapter with oil gauges.
  183. new re-amemiya TMIC does anyone have 144,900円 lol and sri
  184. Denso ITV22 spark plugs
  185. catch can ??
  186. Another noise im not used to hearing
  187. Slipping clutch?
  188. mazdaspeed3 unstable rpm at idle
  189. traction and stability control
  190. Mazdaspeed lightened flywheel?
  191. Turbosmart hybrid BOV Lurch when shifting
  192. What color is the oil on your dipstick after an oil change?
  193. clutch throwout bearing noise... when taking off and reving engine out of gear?
  194. CPE Xcel CAI
  195. 3" exhaust
  196. battery size/cca?
  197. Locked out of gears
  198. Clutch dead at 20 miles
  199. For those looking to extend oil life
  200. PT-Performace Mid Pipe
  201. Weird clutch feeling..
  202. Hollow clunks when shifting?
  203. Car quit, wouldn't crank, is suddenly fine?
  204. 3" Mandrel Bent Exhaust with Apexi N1 Muffler
  205. Click noise getting out of first?
  206. Loud Bang when turning
  207. traction control
  208. CAI Carwash
  209. Video of Borla Cat-Back
  210. best prices on synthetic motor oil
  211. Install (cutting) question for someone who installed their own Borla Catback
  212. MT-90 prices
  213. Transmission/Clutch Friction noise when disengaged
  214. MS3 Gearbox question.....
  215. TWM Shifter Bushings!
  216. How do you do an ECU reflash?
  217. Busted engine mount??
  218. What's the point behind the close ratio gearing?
  219. Moaning sound from the clutch?
  220. MS3 owners who drive in snow alot, LSD effectiveness?
  221. First gear movement?
  222. Low oil?!?!
  223. Getrag transmission?
  224. Car won't shift at all????
  225. Car moves forward in neutral on start-up....
  226. Cold weather prep - things to do ???
  227. coolant question w/ pics
  228. MS6 Longblock
  229. Underhood hose/parts schematic
  230. PROBLEM!! - Gears Jumping??
  231. dealer recommended service
  232. Mazdaspeed 3 LSD question, and potential problem
  233. Crazy Auto Store Salesmen
  234. Launch tips for daily driving - 2000K + feather clutch?
  235. Can someone please explain what "boost creep" is? CPE-TBE problem?
  236. Thinking about a MazdaSpeed3 and have some ?
  237. removed IC cover...
  238. Odd clutch slip? Normal clutch smell?
  239. Reduce/eliminate shifter wiggle
  240. think i damaged my lsd but im not too sure
  241. PROBLEM!!! when turning the wheel strange sound
  242. Masking tape in Engine compartment.
  243. Just curious. Where does your temp gauge run?
  244. Broken bypass or blow off valve
  245. Mazdaspeed 3 LSD
  246. Noobish question about a manual transmission
  247. How difficult is it to change transmission fluid?
  248. Anybody notice the Speed3 is hard to start from a stop on a hill?
  249. Fuel injector cleaning? ALREADY??!?
  250. So I sprain my left foot...