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Modifications - FAQ's, How-To's

  1. Exhaust Heat Shield
  2. Cylinder Head Replacement Headgasket Timing Chain Questions
  3. Ground kits
  4. What easy mods can I do for cheap?
  5. Headers/Exhaust?
  6. 2006 Mazda 3 sedan
  7. Wheel fit
  8. Exhaust question
  9. Little tip on A/C compressor replacement?
  10. Resonator delete?
  11. NA Engine Performance Rebuild
  12. Will Motorcraft coil fit my 3?
  13. What your preference on Monroe vs KYB shocks
  14. How To: Mazdaspeed3 Rear Spoiler Install on 1st Gen MZ3 Hatch
  16. Header Options....
  17. Exhaust debate
  18. looking for performance upgrade advice
  20. Oil Filters: Spin-On vs Cartridge, The Inside Story
  21. Dynotronics vs. OV tuning
  22. Philrab's Intake Deresonator and DIY SRI How To
  23. speed 3 parts on 3i
  24. Intake Manifold AND VTCS?
  25. How To: Replace 5th Gear With a Higher Ratio
  26. VTCS Worth it ?
  27. Cold air or short ram
  28. 06 speed swapping to 6 speed?
  29. Will 15 HP make a difference?
  30. any headers with cat. AND dont throw cells in the market??
  31. Anybody swap 5th gear in a 3?
  32. Camshaft removal with engine in car?
  33. Stock intake Box converted to SRI Free mod
  34. Replacing Thermostat
  35. 2006 fusion 2.3l and transmission swpa question
  36. Grill question
  37. Is Grounding the Throttle Body in an 06 Safe?
  38. How to get better performance and sound?
  39. Beta testing begins!!!
  40. Best/easiest way to gain 30-40 horsepower?
  41. Engine Swap...timing not right. Please help!
  42. muffler
  43. please remove
  44. Driver side motor mount
  45. Intake resonator delete question
  46. How to stiffen an OEM Passenger Side Motor Mount with Polyurethane.
  47. Have a P2006 code and need help!
  48. Test Pipe to Borla - How To? (Installed)
  49. torque solutions rear engine mount problem
  50. magnaflow exhaust for 2004 mazda 3... I NEED AN ANSWER!!!
  51. cold air intake problems... car is dying! :(
  52. Throttle Body Ground - Can I have colored wire?
  53. Installing a A/F gauge PLEASE HELP
  54. new to the '09 speed 3
  55. car keeps stalling after SRI was installed
  56. General Mod Questions
  57. vibrant header and down pipe
  58. problems shifting gears
  59. removing intake resonator
  60. HKS SSQV BOV???
  61. Need help P0012, P2004,P2009,P2401
  62. throttle body ground?
  63. header DIY?
  64. How To: Read vacuum gauges (Vacuum Gauges for Dummies)
  65. How-To: Speed3 Trans Swap Into MZ3 - Updated 9/14/10
  66. down pipe and race pipe
  67. speed3 downpipe and turbo inlet pipe
  68. Automatic shift points
  69. HKS Catback
  70. VTCS removal help
  71. Need help " CPU Wiring diagram and Pin map"
  72. Mods for someone with little car knowledge
  73. Water pump pulley replacement
  74. HELP!! Back to stock and check engine light!!!
  75. Hi-Boost turbo
  76. How To: Replace Stock O2 w/ Innovative Wideband LC-1 w/ no CEL
  77. Throttle Body Coolant Bypass Mod Question?
  78. Some simple Mods
  79. HELP! - Exhaust Depot catted dp or Corksport dp/mp for ms3
  80. Balance shaft removal kit
  81. RKM STS
  82. Help! Intake Resonator removal problem! (Now with Video)
  83. How To: Replace Front Passenger Side Engine Mount
  84. Exhaust header center stud torx socket size?
  85. I really need help guys
  86. MOVED: stupid question
  87. Ideas for Performance Upgrade (engine or handling)
  88. WeaponR
  89. clutch upgrade?
  90. Softening the Corksport engine mount insert
  91. Want Catback, but have a few questions...
  92. Quick Exhaust Mani How to
  93. quick question
  94. 6sp MS3 transmission into 05 manual 2.3 hatch?
  95. dealer install
  96. Mazda Speed CAI for 2.3l N/A motor
  97. Ghetto home depot CAI
  98. 2nd cat delete on stock?
  99. poor man's cai
  100. exhaust
  101. installing trubendz exhaust need help ASAP
  102. Where did it go?
  103. Good starting Point for Bolt On Mods
  104. Exhaust: ms3 to 2.0 (sedan)
  105. Exhaust TOO LOUD!!!
  106. Voltage Stabilizer/Condenser Kit
  107. MS3 OEM exhaust to MZ3 install
  108. exhaust question
  109. The new improved VTCS removal Guide
  112. Need help!!! Throttle Bypass
  113. Who's running an F2 2.5" stainless exhaust ?
  114. opinions please (f2 and or injen)
  115. removin stock exaust
  116. 2008 Mazdaspeed3 CAI
  117. What's that Mitubishi wiring near the mass airflow sensor?
  118. How to reset ECU?
  119. Forge Motorsport Bypass Valve
  120. ATX valvebodies
  121. magnaflow cat back with magnaflow high flow cat
  122. MOVED: Does anyone have protection for there MS3 CAI??? (Hydro-lock protection)
  123. im not car retarded
  124. exhaust tip removal
  125. got a torque converter...any install tips?
  126. An install question
  127. $70 is my limit, and I want a better exhaust sound what should i do.
  128. stupid question i know....f2 do i clean it????
  129. 2 questions
  130. How To: Fujita F5 CAI installation.
  131. Some quick exhaust questions...
  132. really dumb strut bar question, sorry
  133. racing beat exhaust system
  134. Mid Engine 3 Project?
  135. exhaust break in time?
  136. The unOfficial F2 CAI FAQ
  137. Beginner's Guide to the VCTS Removal
  138. How To: The Poor Man's SRI For Mazda3
  139. HOW TO: Installing AWR rear mount
  140. HOW TO: Installing TMIC upgrade
  141. How to depin your MAF plugs (for lengthening the wires)
  142. Simota CF SRI Filter cleaning
  143. MOVED: greddy INFORMeter
  144. NA Power Stage 3: More in-depth upgrades
  145. How to : Remove Stock Airbox and Install CAI (F2, Injen, Fujita F5, AEM, etc...)
  147. AWR Mount Reinforcement Mod (updated: future-proof)
  148. CAI (F2/F5) vs heavy rain...
  149. NA Power Stage 2: Basic Bolt-ons Intake, Exhaust, and Timing
  150. Beginner's Guide to the TB Coolant Bypass Mod
  151. Buddy Club Condenser/Ground Kit FAQ
  152. NA Power Stage 1: Basic Modifications
  153. BSD how-to by me :D
  154. My MODIFIED Simota SRI **UPDATE: anybody know where to find the v3 upgrade?**
  155. AWR Rear Engine Mount Walk through
  156. [HOW TO] Grounding Wires....56k you should start singing 99 bottles of beer
  157. [HOW TO] Install Injen CAI Updated 2007Nov17 56kBeware!!!
  158. SPEC Clutch + EXEDY Flywheel *POST BREAK-IN* Impressions
  159. Simota Racing Carbon Fiber Intake Install Guide *PICS*
  160. Draxas, Vibrant, Magnaflow, Corksport, Borla, and Auto Exe!
  161. Ultimate Modification FAQ
  162. Short wires to MAF on AEM CAI can cause a CEL