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Technical Information, FAQ's, How-To's, Installations

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  1. 2012 3i: installing auto dimming rear view mirror
  2. 2012 3i: installing cruise control
  3. 2004 mazda 3 AC expansion valve
  4. Beginners Audio Question
  5. I want to upgrade my oem front door speakers.
  6. OEM Sirius XM unit to aftermarket Pioneer head unit?
  7. [FAQ] Common problems with the Eonon GA5151F And How to Fix them
  8. Help, I tapped into aux input. Audio Static!!
  9. HOW TO: Install Amp and Sub on a Factory Head Unit
  10. How-To Build USB Charger Wire Harness & Install
  11. How to: replacing gauge needles on instrument cluster
  12. How to: 6.5" components in the front doors
  13. Eonon (GM)D5151 - Enable trip computer?
  14. Question about OEM remote start
  15. 2008 MZ3 GT w/ Sunroof - Best way to get wire from fuse box to map lights?
  16. How to add aftermarket sub with bose system 2009 m3
  17. 2005 Washer Pump Not Working
  18. Passenger low beam
  19. Radar hard wiring: am I doing this right?
  20. Tom Tom gps software for aftermarket chinese headunits
  21. Subwoofer install in '04 hatch.
  22. Rear window defroster
  23. New oem radio
  24. trip computer question
  25. Audio install question
  26. how to install hood pin switch?
  27. Questions on Canadian Sirius
  28. 04~05 MAZDA3 Change 06~09 LCD for trip computer
  29. Axxess steering wheel control HELP!!!
  30. Broken 'track up' button replacement...where would you purchase?
  31. Help a noobie with a sub install (Sedan)
  32. Have a stock low model 2006 Mazda 3, need help!
  33. Help! I need more power!
  34. amplifier protection mode
  35. Mazda3 sedan single-din head unit. Possible???
  36. New sub build
  37. Sedan Owners with Subwoofers...
  38. Factory system adapter and an LOC...
  39. How do you get the text from songs on an iPhone to show on the display?
  40. Wiring Pioneer AVH-P2300DVD
  41. EONON D5102 Walkthrough?
  42. Climate Control Background Lights
  43. Rattle Reduction
  44. Mazda 7903 Radio Replacement Wire Harness - EZ install help
  45. choosing headunit help....
  46. Does my car have CAN-bus?
  47. 2010 Mazda 3 (Stereo System Swap)
  48. Please Help! Steering Wheel Function Problem
  49. stock cd player can I add this stock mp3 player
  50. OEM Flip-Up 7" TFT screen Service Manual w/ Pinouts, Complete Wiring Diagram
  51. Factory iPod integration kit?
  52. Need help 09 MS3
  53. Integrating Bluetooth and iPod in 2004 Mazda 3s
  54. I want 2008 Information display wiring harness.
  55. 2007 Mazda 3 Harness For Eonon d2208
  56. Adding TV-out on MZ3 with OEM navigation- designed for rearview camera
  57. Driver's door wont unlock, while it will lock.
  58. changing the parameters on my stock 08 maz3.
  59. Switching the digital ODO to read miles instead of KM
  60. 2008 Mazda 3 Auxiliary Input
  61. Ipod integration in an 04 Mazda3
  62. Jap FM to Uk FM
  63. Installing an Amp
  64. replacing my auto climate controller
  65. Aftermarket subs buying advice
  67. NEED HELP, PLEASE!!! 2004 mazda 3 Wiring diagram
  68. Need Some Help, ALARM / REMOTE START - few problems
  69. subs in my car
  70. Speed 3 Install from start to finish (JL, Dynaudio)
  71. Newbie trying to upgrade
  72. YASSI (Yet Another Stealth Sub Install)
  73. Speaker install experiences
  74. Hooking up hi-low converter.
  75. Remote start/remote keyless/alarm install questions?
  76. Replace Antenna Base Station - MZ3/5
  77. Remote starter also engaging rear defrost on '05 Mazda 3i???
  78. Electrical Problem!!!
  79. Nitsuj's 2010 3i Touring Install Log. (Complete, Updated)
  80. noise through speakers when putting shifter from P to R or opposite, with aux
  81. PAC SWI-JacK programming/connection problem
  82. MOVED: i got an 07 mazda 3 grand touring
  83. Access to 12V ignition controlled power?
  84. Kenwood rearview mirror, Mazda 3
  85. after market double-DIN radio, dash kit, iPod integr. : 2010 mazda 3
  86. FurbiesAndBeans's Audio Build log
  87. Location of the neutral wire on a 2010 3i?
  88. anyone have pics or a diagram how to install alarm/remote start 2007 mazda 3
  89. air fuel gauge help
  90. OEM Stereo swap upgrade (MP3, 6 CD, etc.)
  91. MOVED: No brake lights, no horn...
  93. Viper 5701 Alarm/Remote Start Install Help
  94. Need ECU Wiring Diagram
  95. Door Component Set Questions
  96. connecting subs to a hatch
  97. Grounding the Cigarette Lighter
  98. 2010 speed3 amp and sub install??
  99. HOW TO: Poor Man's iPod Integration (~$35; does not work with iPhone)
  100. How I can add one more AUX input ?
  101. Stereo system is blown!
  102. 2010 Mazda 3i sport:: adding cruise ctrl, tow bar, horns, etc etc
  103. OEM Ipod Integration Module Installation
  104. My first install - 09 MS3
  105. StUpId8000's Build log (I wouldnt 56k) UPDATED 3-20-2011
  106. Going to install Visor LCDs ideas?
  107. Has anyone Tapped into Headlights?
  108. buzzing/pop when turned on, randomly started happening again?!...
  109. MOVED: Soft Audio Problems with OEM Ipod Module and 8.5+ Mazda 3
  110. bose mp3
  111. boost gauge 12v
  112. Links for: Audio Install Stickies.
  113. Bluetooth pairing questions in a '10 GT w/ Tech
  114. What wires in the rear speakers do I tap into with my LOC to Hook into my amp?
  115. Grounding issue with mazda3 sound system
  116. *HOW TO* extra power outlets in ashtray [56k must go away]
  117. PAC SWI-PS Walkthrough?
  118. Pioneer AVH-P4100DVD installation
  119. 2008 3 s with Bose HU --- sub install with LOC (56k is like honey in the artic)
  120. Sirius OEM Install Junction Box Wiring Info?
  121. 2010 Mazda 3 Stereo upgrade
  122. The Big 3
  123. Bluetooth A2DP and AVRCP
  124. A question about steering wheel interface
  125. Help with Bazooka Install
  126. Revision E Navigation
  127. FM Modulator Wiring Probelms...Please Help
  128. Fuse Box Info. (from an 04 hatchback, I doubt that matters)
  129. - Factory HU cuts out bass with high volume?!?!
  130. I enabled my fuel computer today, but it keeps giving random numbers!
  131. MOVED: Problem with my cd player
  132. Kuda mount question
  133. radio adapter
  134. Getting ready to start my install
  135. Gauge Cluster Self test - Similar to Subaru Impreze STI Gauge
  136. Climate Control
  137. ACI Pinout
  138. Bluetooth install Help
  139. Maximum wire gauge for 2 wires in doors (Now with pics 5/23/09)
  140. A Visual For Your LOC Wire Taps
  141. First time installing headunit.. need help
  142. Steering Wheel Controls
  143. Electric Aerial
  144. OEM style touchscreen HU's
  145. Retain ACI input with new Aftermarket HU
  146. Routing Aux Cable to MP3 player
  147. Almost stock system
  148. steering wheel controls
  149. Bose 6 CD head unit - what is this connector?
  150. MOVED: Navigation question..
  152. Matt_Whit08's Install NEED HELP!!! see op as well as the last post
  153. Upgraded Bose with Alpine SPX-17PRO/SPR-17C - JL Slash v2 300/4v2 - ARC KEQ5
  154. Sub enclosure and amp rack build (pics)
  155. Stock display gone haywire
  156. audio set up question
  157. The audio install has started.
  158. Where in the H**L is the Siruis radio gadget thing at?
  159. A few audio questions.
  160. DV-M3 monitor+Rear View Camera OEM looking switch( DSC OFF switch modify)
  161. few questions about audio install
  162. Parrot CK3100 bluetooth install questions (Bose + nav)
  163. subs in rear doors
  164. I don't see a walk through for the Mazda I-Pod adaptor here??
  165. A/F and Oil Pressure Guage install walk-through?
  166. Navigation Hacks
  167. Ipod Dash, Console or Window Pics
  168. MOVED: amp settings and one problem...
  169. Naboberry / Speedline Double DIN Kit
  170. Anyone have the wiring diagram for Auto Dim Mirror?
  171. Custom low cost - FibgreGlass Stealth Box and Audio Install with pics & links
  172. PLEASE HELP!!!!! 2009 Mazda 3 Steering Wheel Controls
  173. Problem with HVAC System - Wire cut - PICS INCLUDED
  174. Newbie question about the navigation system
  175. 2009 Mazda 3 OEM HU iPod/XM
  176. HOW-TO: Remote Trunk Release: Sedan
  177. iPod integration/2009 mazda3 question
  178. Cigarette lighter question
  179. Pioneer TS-A5713
  180. Looking for DSP how-to
  181. Replacing speakers? New head unit? Guitar imput? help!
  182. 8" inch subwoofer
  183. hey ipod question
  184. Door Sound deadening install
  185. Alpine/JL/CDT/Xtant/Boston setup
  186. Power door locks
  187. Can I install a CD player here?
  188. Where to mount AVIC GPS antenna and microphone?
  189. Drive and Play cables
  190. OEM Remote Start Instructions (Including clutch bypass)
  191. unlocked computer, but no current MPG showed
  192. Car info
  193. How to change the LED on the hazard light button and climate control buttons
  194. Shopping 4 Amps
  195. piano finish subwoofer box
  196. Wiring Question
  197. Keeping OEM LCD & Steering Wheel Audio Functions....
  198. Mazda3 OEM LCD Pop up TFT Screen
  199. navone LOC install on 08 Ms3 GT /w bose
  200. Need a diy for remote start
  201. Wiring for subwoofers? HELP ME
  202. HOW TO: Install ScanGuage in Ashtray (56K Warning: ~50 pics)
  203. External add on Satalite or Factory add on Satalite (Bose Stock Radio)
  204. under the carpet?
  205. OEM Sirrius Install questions...
  206. Performance Carputers???
  207. Need Help...2007 Mazdaspeed3 with Bose
  208. Do I need a LOC?
  209. Compass???
  210. Help!!!!!
  211. Stock '08 Mazda 3 Bose Stereo Level Adjustment?
  212. amp question
  214. No way to get back trip computer after new HU install???
  215. New Mazda 3 5door w/ Sirius
  216. Question About Warrenty...
  217. Did I order the wrong thing?
  218. BOSE Sound System in NON-BOSE Car
  219. MOVED: How To: Paint Fog light surrounds w/pics - detailed walkthrough
  220. Stock '05 6CD HU Question
  221. How to Run New Speaker Wires through Front Door Grommets
  222. stock settings?
  223. Audio Link / Aux input problem
  224. Electronic noise in my Sirius install
  225. hybrid audio technologies - teaser
  226. Just a bit confused (Ipod Connection)
  227. Install thread (Started May 26 2008, posting as I go) Lots of pictures!
  228. Wiring diagram for instrument cluster. Anyone have one?
  229. Solox 18" in a mazda3 sedan
  230. Does any ipod integration module work with 2008.5 Mazda Speed 3?
  231. Power wire/firewall
  232. sirius sportster 5 install
  233. Ever popular POLK AUDIO db Series Tweeter Install
  234. Aux jack not working in '07, jack on back of radio is plugged in!
  235. Trunk Rattes
  236. Quick Wiring question
  237. Loc Placement
  238. 2008.5 w/ Bose: Weird Audio Fading Problem (not ALC?)
  239. Reminder... where to locate the reverse indicator wire on Mazda3
  240. Sound Engineer with some questions.
  241. 2008 MS3. Volume fades when using Aux Jack.
  242. Need walkthrough for Sub Install with Bose
  243. need help with audio with the pop up monitor
  244. HOW TO: Keyhole reverse camera install
  245. How To: Install Shiftboot from
  246. HOW TO: OEM Shock Sensor Upgrade
  247. I pod connect and sirus both work?
  248. possible power switches?
  249. MP3 intergration
  250. Ipod Integration mounting