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Exterior Lighting Technical Information, FAQ's, How-To's

  1. Best Near OEM Quality Headlight Assemblies
  2. Low Voltage To One Low Beam H11
  3. Manual-leveling actuators: repairable? ('04 M3)
  4. Noob Q abt replacing hi-beam H7 bulb
  5. '04 S hatch low beam light bulb..what kind?
  6. Fuse to use for switch to halos running as DRLs?
  7. Anybody have the LED turn signal mirror installation walkthrough?
  8. 06 m3 low beam driver side
  9. How can I replace Yellow fog light lens with clear lens ?
  10. swapping factory HIDs for halogen?
  11. utilizing factory fog light switch for aftermarket lights?
  12. Help HID Install
  13. HOW TO: install Brighter Reverse Lights!
  14. Help with missing fog light connector.
  15. HELP Fog light HID install
  16. How to replace rear fog lamp bulb for hatchback?
  17. DDM Lighting failure
  18. MS3 Clear Lens Retrofit (Pics!!!)
  19. Cracking open the headlights - heat gun vs the oven
  20. How to find the right HID system for my car
  21. HOW TO: Wig-Wag Auxiliary Fogs in the Lower Grille (56K WARNING)
  22. City lights<JPN style position lamp>( for US model)
  23. aftermarket HID bulb base recycle.
  24. Timesaver: Fog Lights Stock System Upgrade Parts List
  25. Do it yourself HID Video!!
  26. Got into car accident needs new lights.
  27. 2010 3 Ficker....
  28. LED 3rd brake (9LED) cheap upgrade
  29. How do you replace?
  30. MOVED: Tail light LED project Ver.2 started( G35 LED tail reflector into Mazda3 tail)
  31. Help! Cannot get MAZDA 3 Started!
  32. MOVED: TSX Retrofit in Progress! (Not in a Mazda :P)
  33. Mazda 3 Tail light socket
  34. Knocked out Fog Light
  35. Ultrafire HIDs
  36. Any tips for OEM halogen upgrade? ... Mazda3 2005 2.3 Manual
  37. MOVED: Headlights. Low Beams? (04)
  38. Broken Retaining Clip Question
  39. Fogs on with low-beams off (OEM HID)
  40. 05 Hatch fogs
  41. newbie to the forum
  42. 08.5 Shield and Projector are detachable?
  43. LED 3rd brake light
  44. How To: Replace Halogen Fog Lights
  45. Need Help Turn Signals Doesnt work!!!
  46. Pissed! Passenger side bulb fires inconsistently...started today
  47. Rookie to HID fogs
  48. Help. Anyone installed underbody lighting kits?
  49. HID problem
  50. RELAY seems to not be working?
  51. Links to Lighting FAQ Stickies.
  52. 04-06 vs 08-09 Lighting (Fog Lamps)
  53. Front Bumper Removal?
  54. Smoke out 3rd brake light?
  55. HOW TO: Easily acquire and install CLEAR LENSES for your projectors (04-09 only)
  56. Xenon Expert HIDs Question
  57. reverse lights
  58. HELP!! Front Bumper Removal - Weird clip??
  59. DIY LED Eyelid walkthrough
  60. How To: Side marker lights on with parking lights.
  61. Led lighting for head lights.
  62. LED 3rd Brake Light Source
  63. Angel eyes + puddle lamps + lighted emblem light with keyless remote.
  64. deleted.
  65. HID remote On + Delay Off - Full guide with circuit / HD Video / Pictures OTW
  66. 08 hid fog questions
  67. HELP - HID Relay Chatter
  68. MOVED: Re: (UPDATE: SOLUTION FOUND!!!) How-to retrofit OEM HIDs & Leveling Motors
  69. installing hid fog
  70. REquest for a how to dismantle tailight
  71. How Bright is 10k and 12k HID?
  72. Einy Meany Miney Mo . . Headlamp Question.
  73. Stock H7 Halogen Projectors Modified (lots of pics)
  75. HOW TO: DRL (Daytime Running Lights) on US-Spec model
  76. Side Turn Signal Light
  77. washer mod ?
  78. TL Projector retrofit w/ pics
  79. driving lights
  80. New Sedan (Fog Light Bracket) DRLs
  81. anyone install their hids in their ms3 with the bumper on?
  82. *HOW TO* Parking Light Delete Mod
  83. Parking Light Delete
  84. Fitting TL projectors in 04-06 fogs - an easy retro (lots of pics)
  85. HID projector lense dirty - need advice...
  86. OEM H7 Halogen Projector improvment
  87. i wanna get clear headlight corner blinker bulbs and clear tail blinker cornerS
  88. HOW TO: Restoring Headlights with Oxidation (foggy lenses)
  89. The Ultimate DRL-HID Fix Thread.
  90. DDM 35w 6000K Kit Installed + Questions + Pics
  91. How to: Restore scratched/oxidized/sandblasted head/tails (with pictures now)
  92. Apexcone HID Flickering from DRL
  93. Might be a dumb question but... (HID retrofit)
  94. HELP NEEDED;Need Mazda3 OEM Fog Light Intructions?
  95. got a ? on aftermarket led tail lights
  96. cracked foglight lenses on 2005 mazda 3
  97. MOVED: Installing HID DDM 35w from dabears2 issue (moved)
  98. fog light mod??
  99. 07+ 3 Fog lights
  100. Help please. Fogs stopped working when installing HID's?
  101. CLOSED
  102. Fog DRL
  103. Metal shield in fogs
  104. Red Angel Eyes
  105. How to: Replace Rear / Tail Lights for Sedan (with 2nd Gen LED tail lights)
  106. side marker lights
  107. Changing the factory fog light.
  108. Upgrading OEM HIDs with aftermarket kit
  109. Foglight bulb "upgrade" Q
  110. hid fogs.
  111. Leveling Headlights on MS3 Sport, what would it take?
  112. How to Guide: DIY Mazda 3 Angel Eyes
  113. How to: reinstall hid kit bulb retention clip (with pictures)
  114. How do I turn off my signals when my lows are on?
  115. 'black eye' mod how to
  116. where is the how to DDE THREAD?
  117. mazda 3 projector retrofit into fc3s
  118. Oem Hid vs. Evo Clear Lense Hid
  119. How to install foglight switch - 07' mazda 3 4 dr
  120. EFM-7's Projector retrofit progress
  121. TSx retrofit / update Dec16 / it begins
  122. Halogen to OEM HID+ Evo8 Washer mod Pics pg's 1, 6, 10, and 12
  123. Any idea about how can we..
  124. Please Help! Fog light install
  125. Predator Chromium angel eyes questions
  126. Adjust fog lights MS3 08?????
  127. baking head lights
  128. Installing HID's on Speed3
  129. How do I check the DDE ballast?
  130. My HIDs just arrived please help me find the how to's!
  131. HELP...headlight stopped working
  132. Question about using wires under the steering colum to triger HID's
  133. HOW-TO: Independent Fogs WITHOUT running wires through the firewall
  134. 2007 Fog light problems
  135. Looking For 2007 Headlights (with DRL) wiring schematics
  136. HOW TO: Disable lowbeam on when using flash to pass
  137. Everyone wants to disable... I don't...
  138. A new way to deal with DRL (derived from the relay method) Help & advice needed
  139. DIY: Disabling DRL (no rewiring)
  140. HID install
  141. HELP PLEASE!!!!! Wire colors from Headlight Stalk?
  142. Yellow Foglight bulbs, Best halogen (nokya) or HID?
  143. Hoen fogs not working
  144. HIDs coming in tomorrow
  145. I'm Stuck
  146. Help!! Parking lights died!
  147. how to install led tail lights on a custom trunk for a 2004 mazda 3 hatch
  148. HOW TO: MTEC Xenon Match Fog Lights and High Beams
  149. Did you adjust beam height after?
  150. ? about Angel Eyes wiring
  151. ++ HIDo's & HIDon'ts - The HID Lighting Tutorial ++
  152. How do I change the signal lights?
  153. HELP with DDE install - Haze on the clear plastic
  154. Xenon Headlights on the Speed3
  155. E46 Retro on its way
  156. How To: Install Tail Light Tint Films (Pre-cut & Tint Roll)
  157. HID leveling motors
  158. i need help installing HID ballast... (oem of some kind)
  159. Walkthrough....How to replace stock OEM D2S Xenon HID bulbs
  160. HID Projector retrofit... which one to go for????
  162. Is Canadian 3i's fog pre-wired?
  163. help please
  164. projector fog lights anyone know how to
  165. Help! Dog ate wiring to taillights!!
  166. Walkthrough : Headlights that turn on automatically when it's raining
  167. cbogey88's Under Hood lighting How-to
  168. are you blinding ppl with your hid's??? see here
  169. Mazda 3 3rd BrakeLight
  170. How To Install Lights Behind the Lower Grille (daylight pics added 10/18/06)
  171. HID kit complete installation with a relay harness by myself PICS!!
  172. HID choices... TOO MANY!!!
  173. How to get OEM HID's back into spec - aiming
  174. I need to know the How-to to install Angel lights
  175. DRL Disable Guide by The Xenon Store (Devin98)
  176. MOVED: DDE and independent fogs working together???
  177. (UPDATE: SOLUTION FOUND!!!) How-to retrofit OEM HIDs & Leveling Motors
  178. MOVED: HID and DRL Issues
  179. sok07's HID projector H11 foglights (update - projector retrofit detail pics)
  180. Fog lights
  181. HOW-TO: LED Strips in Taillights
  183. Clear Lenses
  184. MOVED: Disable DRL's using a Relay Harness
  185. New HIDs & Battery Change...
  186. i need help...
  187. Demon Eyes/DDE/Halo's Install Done!!!! Tips & Pics!!!!!
  188. MAZDA 3i Fog Light Kit (Aftermarket) Installation (pics!)
  189. How-to Guide : Aiming headlights for stock HID (Low Beam) Sedan/4-dr appl.
  190. LED Side Mirror Installation Instructions: With Pix*56K NO*
  191. Install guide for a Polarion HID Kit from XENON EXPERT
  192. Independent Fogs Guide by XENON EXPERT (M3-GT)
  193. Complete Guide to change your halogen bulbs on your 3
  194. Tutorial : Changing Foglight Bulbs (H11)