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Picked up this Vehicle with 26k on the clock and a new Engine after the Passenger Engine Mount had failed and the car sat in a dirt lot for a few months. (Dirt caked on in places, and forklift hole in side skirt) Family held on to the car for a year or so, My car blew up for the 3rd time (Turbo'd AWD Talon) and they forced me to get rid of it over a 60$ rebuild kit for the TD04 Snail. Likewise the Money from that went into the Mazda. Now the Mazda is at the level that the Talon was if not faster. With the end goal of tracking the car, and keeping it low mileage in the process, every modification is viewed not in the Daily driven aspect. I have a very low discomfort level and that shows with daily driving a gutted, stiff, track car. Started Driving the vehicle around 39k miles, and since have almost doubled the odometer from whence we had purchased it.
2007 Mazda 3s Hatchback (Blue)


AWR 88d Rear Engine Mount

SRS Type-R1 thermal Catback exhaust 2.75" - 4.5" tip

Stock airbox, No resonator, no filter (Arizona streets, Any weather = filter goes in)

VTCS delete

Had recently discovered the 118mph governor on the car was removed,
Took it to a Local DSM shop owner who has some experience with Mazda Edit and learned that the car has a tune on it.
No wonder the vehicle easily soared past 130mph.
SLR Short shifter

NRG 2.8 release neo chrome

NRG 350mm black/neo chrome wheel.

Gutted Front seats back minus door panels.

Mazda shoulder seat belt covers.

NB2 Miata shift knob / 2GA DSM Shift Knob
~Stickers on glove box.
CF Mspeed antenna

Headlight eyelids (black satin)

Rear Evil M (black)

Rear wiper delete

Stock 3 rear spoiler (Black Satin)

Front Sparco Tow Strap

Bumper Fastners

All plastics removed.
Aftermarket Deck, Stock Bose system.
Raceland coilovers (1-2in lower than OEM)

Black Path Adjustable Rear upper Control arms.

Drilled out OEM Rear Swaybar to fit Speed3 endlinks
Wheel and Tire
18x7.5 + 32 offset Rotas Battles

235/40r18 Federal 595ss Tires up front (Semi-Slick for grip in the front)
235/45r18 ProContact tires in the rear (All Seasons for stability in weather)

mSpeed Center caps.



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