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dudeskee1325 02-07-2020 11:39 PM

Strange P0126 Issues
So my CEL came on while driving kind of late at night ad the next day I take it to Autozone and they pull a the P0126 code so I grab the a new thermostat and swap out my old one. Strangely enough, I had consistent temps while driving both at night and the next day when I went to Autozone. After the install and coolant flush, I get the car up to operating temp and everything seemed fine, aside from the CEL staying on. I plan on doing an oil change and spark plug replacement in the morning, for usual maintenance, and then driving over to O'Reilly's to have them clear the code and drive around for half an hour or so to see if it comes back on and to make sure I don't need anymore coolant.

The strange part is that I tested my old thermostat after finishing everything up and it opened up right away after being dunked in boiling water. Should I have replaced the temperature sensor instead? Do you think I'll still need to replace it still? I did some searching here and others who have had similar issues didn't really update their posts. I would post specific temps but my OBD2 scanner decided to take a crap on me when I tried to use it when the CEL first popped up.

dudeskee1325 02-09-2020 06:47 PM

Update (if anyone reads this), I double checked levels and followed coolant fill procedures as per the chilton manual and cleared the code. Interestingly enough, after using my neighbor's scanner, the code was present twice. I cleared the code(s) and drove around for about 45 minutes and the code remains gone.

A one hour drive awaits me later tonight so hopefully the code doesn't return. Then, tomorrow I have an hour and a half commute in traffic and normal freeway speed driving await me so that should be a good test.

Birchtree 02-11-2020 03:48 PM

Only thing I can think of is that maybe the thermostat sticking is an intermittent issue? Or at least intermittent until it gets stuck open or closed..

dudeskee1325 02-11-2020 05:03 PM

Very possible, yes. As another update, a day of commuting down and nothing. Tonight I'll have to drive about the same distance but at night so we'll see if the cold was the issue.

Related to the coolant system, does anyone know if there is some kind of splash shield for the alternator? I don't know how old my current radiator is, nor do I know the age of the hoses, even though they were probably replaced since they have worm clamps on them, so a radiator and hose replacement is in order soon. Would love to not have to worry about getting my alternator wet every time.

dudeskee1325 02-13-2020 03:51 PM

And here we are, almost a week since the code popped up, it has remained gone. Either the cold triggered it, which I'm doubtful of since California doesn't get THAT cold, or it was an intermittent thermostat related issue.

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