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judgem 12-31-2019 01:46 AM

Update maps and aftermarket stereo question
Hi all,

I got a 2009 Mazda 3 BL. I have the stock sat nav system. The maps are bit old now and some places I drive the roads not updated. Now the dealer is asking an exorbitant AUD$200 or so for updated maps. Just wondering is there any other source where I can get the updated maps cheaper ? I need Australian maps btw.

Also/otherwise. I am looking to get an aftermarket android/winCE stereo thing. I am just wondering will I lose the ability to display the information on the information display ? Or are there stereos that are compatible with that?


gregk2001 01-01-2020 09:22 PM

Not quite what you are asking for but maybe useful info anyway ...

I have a 2009 (USA) Speed 3 with DVD/nav, but I haven't used the inbuilt nav for at least 5 years.

Since then, smart phone, vent mount, Google maps, and later Waze. When traveling in Australia I also used OsmAnd app which supports offline maps - again with vent mount.

I replaced my head unit with Kenwood DDX9904S plus PAC RP4-MZ11 interface which retains the steering wheel controls. Plus satellite receiver and rear camera.

Even with the new unit and Android Auto support I still vent mount my phone for navigation because the HU screen is too low. I'm currently looking at connecting the HU to the flip-up LCD screen so I can stop vent mounting my phone, but no luck so far. I may just put a spare 7" Android tablet in the same place with a tv-out to USB converter.

My wife has a CX-3 with inbuilt nav. We added the Android Auto support and never use the inbuilt nav any more and have no plans to ever update the nav maps.

Paying for maps seems a rip off, especially what they charge.

Cheers, Greg.

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