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miata_racer 03-15-2014 12:33 PM

National event update thread
Get results from any event they are at here -

Live streaming here -

The purpose of this is to update each other on how we are doing if at the event and how things are going for those who are at home watching results :)

miata_racer 03-15-2014 12:35 PM

Lee Chhit leading in a 2011 mini and Andres in 2nd in his mazda 2 1.2sec back after 2nd runs.

3rd runs start soon

run 3 1st drivers update:

Andres down to a 46.5 and only 9 tenths out sitting 2nd. Scott Sandowski up to 5th (last trophy spot) with a 47.5. Only 5 tenths from 3rd and thousandths from 4th. Josh Elk with a 48.2 is up to 7th about 7 tenths out of the trophies. Daniel Chhit is in 3rd and has a run still. Joe Austin is having cone trouble and has one left. Look for him to move up to the trophies.

Daniel went slower and Joe had more cones. So STF is in the books.

Adam3s 03-15-2014 12:48 PM

Is Josh Frodo on here? I see Andres is in 2nd still after his 3rd run, but still many people yet to take their 3rd run. Kick some ass tomorrow and good luck Andres!

Can't wait for Blytheville Pro next weekend!

miata_racer 03-15-2014 12:50 PM

Josh Frodo Elk....I just put Josh Elk. He's in 7th...see above :)

Adam3s 03-15-2014 01:07 PM

Interesting. Frodo that a hyphenated name or something? Is he on the forums?

JTilus 03-15-2014 01:42 PM

Dave, are the Chhit's running any of your old parts? I'm just wondering who to blame if they beat us all. :winker:

Looks like a lot of people having cone trouble. Bummer that Joe didn't get a single clean run. Andres is off to a great start.

It's really torturous having to follow this stuff online. It's been 5-1/2 months since I last autocrossed! :frown:

miata_racer 03-15-2014 01:51 PM

Well...the next 2 weeks will be Mazda3 domination. Adam in Blytheville and then me in college station. :)

Chin up. :)

I didn't sell Chhit my stuff. The millers in Washington have my brake pad and rear trailing arms though. Their car should be a front runner. I need to get my HP up though. :)

JTilus 03-16-2014 10:25 PM

Andres had a pretty good showing, finishing 2nd. Looks like Todd adapted well to Andres' car on day 2. (Todd's Mini had mechanical issues.)

Apparently Lee Chhit just built his STF Mini in the last month or so. Almost a one second lead on both days for first place.

mazda3az 03-16-2014 11:20 PM

It will be interesting to see the overall PAX numbers. I only know Sam Strano as one of the top National drivers there; who are some others? The top STF car paxed a 992 against Sam.

Also STF essentially tied the best STC car raw for day one (day two missing at the moment), and was eight tenths of a pax second better than STS for the weekend. Not sure of the level of competition among that group, don't know the names or histories.

Some interesting comparisons initially. Need more events, drivers and courses to assess farther.

miata_racer 03-17-2014 11:38 AM

Hard to compare since G Street got rained out and didn't run. Along with CP and others in the last heat.

Next weekend is Blytheville. Adam, you're going to upload pics and results here right? :)

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