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barhoc11 09-13-2005 05:21 PM

Coupon Combinations...
Just called my dealer and he said that he has no problem honoring the zoom zoom coupon with any of the other 'private' use coupons(ACOG or Gerber). My dealer said that the ACOG coupon he was looking at expired 9/9/2005. Does anyone know if this true for all of the ACOG coupons?

solarbearusa 09-13-2005 05:32 PM

Re: Coupon Combinations...
Could you please tell me what the Zoom Zoom coupon and ACOG coupon are. I sent off for my Gerber coupon last night.


mz3szoomzoom 09-13-2005 05:43 PM

Re: Coupon Combinations...
^Im guessing the Zoom Zoom coupon is the rebate give out at the Zoom Zoom Live events.

RB 09-13-2005 06:18 PM

Re: Coupon Combinations...
Yeah, I think that is right.* has a link that will tell you what cities are hosting the show.

hobobaggins 09-14-2005 02:17 AM

Re: Coupon Combinations...
thanks for the info!

oscarsonthepond 09-14-2005 04:23 AM

The once and for all COUPON/REBATE THREAD (including zoom, gerber, acog, etc.)
***Modified 10/11/05***

This thread is an attempt to centralize the latest information on all the rebates/coupons.* I'll share what I know, and please add to it if you have some other FOR SURE knowledge.

Regarding the Gerber $500 (***update 10/11 - if you didn't sign up before 9/30/05 the gerber rebate is now expired***):
You have to go to and fill out the info.* Mazda will send you a coupon within a few days that gives you two months to use before it expires.* It says you need to include that e-mail and the original ad.* If you don't have an original ad, you can obtain one by going to and clicking on the contact us section.* Despite reports that they "had no more ads," I contacted them a few days ago (around 9/9/05) saying that I was having a kid, remembered seeing an ad, but didn't have it anymore and wanted to know if I could get a copy (in my case this is actually true).* I received an e-mail from them within 24 hours and got the ad within 3 days.* This can be combined with the Zoom Zoom coupon, but not ACOG.

Regarding the Zoom Zoom $500:
If you go to a zoom zoom test drive event, you will receive a coupon good for $500 off any mazda.* Although they are not supposed to be sold, these can be purchased on ebay if you are unable to attend a test drive event.* However, they are quickly rising in price (one recently went for over $100).* Go to for test drive event information.* This can be combined with gerber or ACOG.

Regarding the ACOG $500 (***update 10/11 - if you didn't sign up before 9/30/05 the ACOG rebate is now expired***):
This is exactly the same as the gerber rebate.* It was available in plum magazine, a magazine for older pregnant women that was only available to doctors.* There have only been two editions of this magazine so far, and the ad is contained in both.* All the specifics are just like the gerber ad, except the website is either or* It can NOT be combined with the gerber rebate as in essence it is exactly the same, however it can be combined with the zoom zoom coupon.

Grad Rebate:
This used to be an open rebate ($500) for those who recently graduated from college, or will soon graduate from college.* I contacted mazda directly about this, and while they were sort of dodgy, the basic jist was that if this program is still going, it is now "invite only" is a quite random thing and there's absolutely no way to opt in.

Also, the general consensus is definitely to not bring up these rebates/coupons until you have a final price negotiated.* These deals do not impact the dealer whatsoever - they lose no money on them.* By bringing them up early, you risk the dealer arguing "well remember you're going to be getting an extra thousand dollars off anyway."

Now for the questions that I have:
1) How do you get the $500 for zoom zoom and gerber?* From what I understand they are both taken off at time of purchase, rather than getting a check later on for instance...can someone confirm that?

Any useful information, please add it on...however let's try and keep this thread the one-stop-shop for useful, factual stuff...and not one full of speculation where you have to sift through everything to figure out what's really fact and what's not.

mz3szoomzoom 09-14-2005 11:10 AM

Re: The once and for all COUPON/REBATE THREAD (including zoom, gerber, acog, etc.)
Stickied. Any new threads made about rebate coupons will be merged into this one..

solarbearusa 09-14-2005 12:24 PM

Re: Coupon Combinations...
You're right about Ebay, the price is rising pretty quick on the lanyards still out there for sale. I saw one last night that popped up "buy it now". I was the first veiwer, it had only been posted about 30 minutes. By the time I could talk my wife into it (c'mon $500.00 is $500.00!) it had sold. So if you see a buy it now option at a decent price, the one last night was 49.99, I would definitely buy it.

I emailed a dealer in TX last night that I have been corresponding with on the price of a new mazda3. I asked him about the Gerber/Zoom Zoom combining. Here is his response:

"Thanks for the email. According to everything that I can find, yes, you can use both coupons together.

When are you going to be making your decision?

Let me know if there is anything I can do to help.

(to protect the innocent)

Please ask for (to protect the innocent) in Internet Sales!"

I think most dealers really don't care if you are using these coupons. Sounds like it doesn't affect them any in $$, but I still would't bring it up until a price is finalized.

I have to sell my car before I can purchase my mazda, hope I can get it done before 12/31/05!!! Anyway, I could drive to Dallas to the sales event in Oct. but I think I would spend as much on gas than buying one on Ebay. :(

kingoscar 09-15-2005 02:30 PM

Re: Coupon Combinations...
Didn't notice this sticky until now so I'll reiterate my responses found below. I was able to combine both the Gerber and Zoom Zoom offers yesterday. Like solarbearusa said I don't think the dealership cares that you're using them. They just seem surprised that I had two of them when I brought them up. They made sure they were originals and also found it strange that a guy in his early twenties would have a Gerber coupon :lol:. They said that Mazda sends them the money so there's no having to mail in crap or chance of denial from what I understand.

macgirlie 09-15-2005 08:36 PM

Re: Coupon Combinations...
I purchased a Mazda3 today, and I thought I'd share the following on the coupon combinations:

I asked Mazda directly via email and yes, the Gerber and Zoom-Zoom can be combined.
The Zoom-Zoom is $500 off, the Gerber is $500 cash back.

The dealer took $1000 off of my purchase.

Hope this helps!

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