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Conversation Between seasonalskier and bttlefedc10
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  1. bttlefedc10
  2. seasonalskier
    10-12-2012 01:31 PM - permalink
    Do you have a link to the conversation? I don't know when I can get to it but I will try to maybe do something up quick over the weekend. Did I say I would do it or are you just asking if I can?
  3. bttlefedc10
    10-12-2012 11:16 AM - permalink
    Hey, Sorry to be blunt with this. But i posted at thread asking for some photoshop and its been a week or something. But i think it was you that photoshopped my mustang wheels. I posted up a pic of the car with the wheels on and wanna see how they look with the wheels on before i go get them powdercoated. Lol.
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