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  1. youngcook
    03-26-2014 12:34 AM - permalink
    Hi okellyr,

    I am having trouble starting my 2004 3s and I suspect that I might have the same kind of problem you had before (

    I'm pretty sure my battery is good (it was replaced 2 months ago, and I also checked with voltmeter). When I try to start the car, there is a subtle "click" but nothing else happens (no crank). The dash and everything else lights up when I turn the key. The funny thing is the car crapped out the same way a few days ago. Back then, I tried jumping it, and nothing happened. After disconnecting the battery, checking the voltage, and reconnecting it, the car magically started again. I tried the same disconnect/reconnect strategy this morning but it wasn't so lucky this time.

    Do I need a jack to do your fix? Do you have a wiring/parts diagram? (actually a Picture would be really helpful)


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