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2005 manual trans mazda3 s sedan
The day i brought her home. 
95k, manual, sunlight silver, and in great shape!  
My plan is to customize the interior, tint the windows, and add an...
I bought her on the day of the last full moon of the month, year, AND decade...12/12/19. How magical is that?! So I named her Luna.
proud new mom! 
She's got some condensation in her driver side headlight that I need to clean out, but other than that her exterior is in great shape.
Replaced the interior lights with blue LEDs. My boyfriend says it looks like an aquarium, lol.
She's not an aquarium, she's a galaxy!* 
Avery "diamond purple" vinyl wrap on console, galaxy fabric on shift boot and center armrest. 
I plan to...
What do you know about this little cubby hole?!
Galaxy headliner.  
This was real fun to get out. My original plan was to rig it with fiber optics to make the "stars" glow, but I couldn't afford...
Avery "diamond purple" vinyl wrap on console and door. Galaxy fabric on door and center armrest. Still need to do something with those seats though,...
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