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Originally Posted by Bittner View Post
If your a member, try Costco auto purchasing program. My 3i Grand Touring was listed at other dealers for $23.5k, bought mine for $21.2k. For the $50 membership fee, its definitely worth it. You just have to go to the approved dealer which might/might not be close by. All this being said, I cant vouch if there are Costco's in TX.

I have come to hear that most dealers are pretty locked on their pricing since the internet keeps them pretty honest. Most people do shopping on vehicles online before purchasing and if dealership A is $1500 more for the same car than dealership B, people will find out. Do some research on or even KBB. also has a wealth of information on purchasing new cars. (
Thank you for the response.

I have been doing research on, and used truecar a few times. The lowest priced one I've seen is around $26,600 in Florida. They essentially were able to match that one and have access to any Mazda located in Texas.

Now that the 2016's are out, I may go for one of those since the 2015's are depreciated and it doesn't appear that much is changing in 2016 either on this model. It's very hard to negotiate on Mazda's from what I'm seeing.
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