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Skyactiv autox

Has any one else autocrossed their 2014+ Skyactiv?

I ran mine a few weekends ago and OMG!!! It is wayyyyyy faster than my 2010 2.5L was! On stock suspension and just a short ram for a power adder I crushed my old lap times by 2+ seconds! But yeah the new "sport" mode for the automatics makes a massive diff. It holds the gear much much longer and is a lot quicker on the shifts and the biggest thing is that when you let off the gas it holds the gear anticipating you to just floor it again so it doesn't waste time up shifting just to have to down shift and accelerate. Honestly I think the reason I was sooo much quicker was because of the sport mode helping with shifts.

I would say this new 2.5L mazda3 is going to be a beast in stock classes

If your interested I can post a link for the results ...

14' Mazda3/axela corksport short ram intake + 2 1/4" muffler delete.
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