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Just bought mine

I just bought a 2015 3iTouring + Tech Package Hatchback (no other options, no paint charges, Automatic Transmission) for $21,400. This figure does not include tax, registration nor interest on the .9% financing. Total will be ~$24,400. Total not including loan interest ~$23,862

They offered an incentive of either $750 rebate with standard financing (I was offered 3.9% for this) or .9%/48mo 0%/36mo.

So in theory I could have gotten $20,650 but would have ended up paying closer to ~$26,000 in the long run.

Difference between .9% and 0% was about $450 in the long-haul but raised the monthly payment by $160 which was too steep for me.

Any way you calculate it, I got a better deal than the offer in your original post. You should, theoretically be able to get an OTD price of $22,951 if you pay cash and get the $750 Mazda incentive.

I am in the SF Bay Area.

I should also note that they were completely unable to track down a MT for me with this trim level and therefor offered to sell me the AT for the same price they had quoted me on an MT. I feel that I got a very good price, lower than the low range listed on KBB.

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