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Originally Posted by XCNuse View Post
I can't help with price as I'm not sure what the pricing is like where you live.
As far as everything maintenance wise goes; make sure the passenger side motor mount has recently been replaced (next to / under coolant reservoir tank), the shocks should be needing replacement extremely soon if they haven't been replaced just yet (probably should just ask, otherwise you'll have to get the car on a jack or lift and look at them for any signs of leaks).
Make sure tires are new / have lots of life.
Oh and spark plugs. That's the mileage spark plugs are supposed to be replaced at as well.
Wouldn't hurt to know if the automatic transmission oil has been replaced recently as well as that's when you're supposed to do it.

Otherwise still a very young car.
thanks for that, will be getting it checked by a mechanic now
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