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@mazda3az hey so sorry I forgot to update with pics and info. We used mazdaedit with a tactrix cable. I will sell my cable if any one is interested in it but ya MazdaEdit's data logging is pretty simple.. You load the program and connect the cable and then just click on the data logger icon and it will prompt you to select the ecu you are trying to read and just select auto select and boom! Your data logging.

Now here's the down side. You can for sure hurt your car messing around with the program if you just go in their screwing around so be carful and make sure any adjustments are done while the vehicle is in a cool environment above 50' but below 90' and the battery is hooked to a charger/jumper box so the ecu doesn't loose power during a reflash cuz if it does you are SCREWED and get to buy a new ecu like me that cost 1100$ to mace Mazda install.

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