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S-Plan Clarification?

Two years ago we bought a Ford Focus ST using the Ford X plan via an employer partner program.

We ready to sell our fun fun car that spends a bit too much time at the shop. I'm looking at a 2015 Mazda 3 HB S Grand Touring Man. Man, oh man is this car hard to find! Especially in the color I want, Blue!

However, my question has to do with the S-plan. On Mazda's website, it says if you qualify for the Ford plan, you qualify for the Mazda S plan.

From MazdaUSA's website on this:
5. Do participantís who are eligible for Ford's A, X and Z Vehicle Purchase Plans qualify for the Mazda Employee Pricing S-Plan?
Yes, participants eligible for Ford's A, X and Z plans also qualify for the Mazda Employee Pricing S-Plan.

So....I called Mazda and asked about this and they said my company is not on their list of partners. HOWEVER, we do have a PIN for a Ford purchase. So I am eligible for Ford's X plan and according to the above statement, this also qualifies me for the Mazda pricing S-plan.

Can anyone share their experience with this? Do dealers usually participate with the S plan and just how much would one save off of invoice or MSRP? Thank you so much!
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