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Originally Posted by eSienk View Post
Well Nationals is over and I've finally figured out for myself why nobody competitively autocrosses the Speed3.

and the answer is!.....
It's terrible.

I am quite positive that I would have been just as fast, or at least within a tenth of my times if I were driving last years non-Speed.

Don't get me wrong, it's an awesome daily driver/fun street car. It's just completely awful for autocross. Difficult to modulate throttle, the steering angle boost cut is stupid, it's really heavy, front tires are a million degrees after the first run. Oh, and it's not particularly fun on course either, that's the big one.

So now everything's for sale. The suspension performed well, I wish I would have had it on last year's car. So it's for sale if anyone wants a cheap way into a sweet setup.
The car will also be for sale soon if anyone wants a very well maintained, low mileage Speed3.

Buy my suspension! ->

Now to look for what to get into next.
Would you mind sharing the dyno plots of the shocks if you have them?
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