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MazdaEdit discussion

The Mazdaedit application is made up of a number of modules which are

  • MazdaEdit: Which is really the launch pad for all the other modules
  • Logging: allows you to log information from your Car for review
  • ROM/MAP Editor: Allows you to view and modify your ROM files/s
  • Flash Utility: Allows you to Dump and Flash your ECU
When combined you basically have all the tools to work on your ECU tune.

MEP Menus:

A> Main MEP Menu... Icons from left to right are
  • Open Hex
  • Save XML Description
  • ODBII Logger
  • MAZDA CAN Logger
  • Flash Utility
  • Log Viewer



Once you are up and running this is really the first thing to do. In my opinion if you don't log and record and baseline you may as well give up now.

Why? Well if you are making changes you need to know where you were and where you are now = was what you did beneficial or not ( Directly or Indirectly), did anything else change or was it just the same pre and post change. Additionally, it's a vital input to tuning and tells you what you need to do. Basically, take the guess work out of it and let the logs do the work.

Another thing to consider about base lining = any and all issues should be fixed before you start messing about... eg if your LTFT numbers are greater than 3 or less than -3 there is something wrong and you should fix the issue before doing anything else = always start from a position of correctness and tune to that position after a change....

There are two types of logger

  • Mazda CAN
The OBDII logger is a fairly standard OBDII logging facility and the Mazda CAN logging facility captures all of the Mazda specific ECU stuff. Its a fairly good logger but I would recommend that you also have excel and or similar to hand to review and play with the results.

epifansoft have done a very good job with the documentation on how to use the application and you can download it from here :

The only big diffrence for MazdaEdit users is that you will have already installed the logger, so don't go and install ecuEdit, and you access logger via mazdaedit Vs ecuEdit. In other words jump straight to chapter 4.

Get familiar with the logger, its incredibly important and critical to success = if u cant see it, you cant measure it and if you cant measure it you cant manage it.

I would recommend that you keep the number of monitored items to a minimum and specific to the exercise you are undertaking ( the more items the slower the update the less accurate the log) and that a number of templates be created and tested before you get cracking. These can be used when you log and save a ton of time...
  • Fueling = LTFT, STFT, AFR, OL/CL status and RPM
  • Timing and load = Ignition timing, Load, rpm, etc
  • All = Basically everything that is interesting

ROM/MAP Editor

This is where the action and danger is. All key processes of the engine and how it operates are accessible here = you can really do some good or damage so be cautious.

When you open a HEX you are presented with an array of information ranging from Ignition to Fueling.

Before your start changing anything get familiar with the interface and set your preferences.




Flash Utility

The flash utility does what it says on the box, it flashes the ECU.

The flash utility can be accessed thru the main MEP application ( under the tools menu option) or thru the MAP editor ( under the tools menu option)

Before you start there are a few things to consider

  • consistency - is the flash a continuation of what is on the ecu now? = IMO it should be, if not it will be impossible to check correctness
  • correctness - is what u are flashing to the ecu correct ? = double check your changes and compare the current map to the one already flashed to the ecu ... If there are any unexpected changes or error u will spot it now...
  • version control = what is the current flash in the ecu ? - if u don't track it you will not be able to tell very easily so put a process in place like "after every flash copy the hex file to I directory called 'live'" =!that way the most recent file in the live directory will be current + you can even track back if a change does work well....
The Flash utility:

Icons - Left to right =
  • Open ECU Rom to flash
  • Save read ECU rom to Disk
  • Open reread ECU ROM in the Editor
  • Read ECU
  • Flash the ECU with loaded ROM
  • Template : selection of 2 ROM types 1Mb and 512Mb
The flash process is as follows

  • Launch flash utility. If launched
    • directly from MEP then you will need to load a HEX
    • from ROM/MAP Editor you are good to go
  • Connect the OP2 to the car and laptop
  • Turn the ignition key to full OFF ( If u don't the flash will fail)
  • Hit the Flash button in the toolbar ( little gray box with arrow pointing at it)
  • Turn on ignition and hit ok and wait for the flash to complete = about 6 minutes
  • Turn ignition full off when prompted and hit OK
  • Turn On ignition when prompted and hit OK
  • Turn ignition full off when prompted and hit OK
  • Done
If the flash process fails, and it does now and then,
  • DO NOT attempt to start the car this could be a very bad thing to do.
  • Re-seat the OP2 adapter and connections to the laptop
  • repeat process

Boosted baby....


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