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Originally Posted by Adam3s View Post
You have a 2.3L with a swapped in manual trans correct? Torque looks good both post and preflash, but pre-flash your peak hp was only 116? That is quite low for a 2.3L with a stick, even bone stock, any idea why? And you supposedly made nearly 155 hp post flash. Hard to believe just a simple tune made nearly 40 whp on a naturally aspirated 3. The numbers just don't add up here. Perhaps you can shed some light on this?
Yes, my car has the ATX to MTX swap and I'm too very surprise with the numbers post and pre-flash. I have no idea why it was so low given the fact that now has a manual trans and it even was a surprise to the guy doing the flash. It caught us by surprise too how much of an improvement was after the reflash. I don't even have an intake I just have the simple stuff that we all do because is very simple like; crank sensor advance, different exhaust pipe with 2nd cat delete and intake resonator delete with intake hose routed to the front grill.
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