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Since this is an STF build thread, please allow me to ask a related exhaust question. Didn't see anything on exhaust here yet.

I know that STF is allowed headers and such, but for those of us starting out "light", and perhaps doing just a muffler or cat-back, I've been told that the stock 2.0 engine exhaust pipe is 2.00" OD after the cat. True or false? Is the 2.3 engine after the last cat also this same size, or larger? Anyone know for sure?

If true, what good would a 2.25" cat-back system do? And therefore the 2.5" systems (different makers have different sizes). would be even less useful, right?

What I'm thinking that to start out inserting a Magnaflow 2" muffler might be "good enough" initially for a "start-up" effort , until headers become part of my STF budget. Perhaps as good/functional as a $600 cat-back system.


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