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New guy needing some advice quick

hello everyone i am brand new to this forum. i have been a long time member on, and i think i may be joining the mazda 3 family.
basicly i have a 2001 honda accord Ex v6 auto trany. the tranny just went out on me a few days ago and for what its going to cost to fix id rather buy another car which leads me to why im here and posting this.

basicly i found a 2006 mazda 3 i, the 2.0 basic model steel rims and manual windows and side mirrors, no power =(. it has 87k miles on it and the dealer that i found it at is asking 8800, but i talked him down to 7750. so my questions are, is this to much to pay for the base model, even if its from a really good dealership (CPO honda dealer) ? and also, what is the reliability like on these cars, mainly the 2.0 ? ive been a honda guy for years so i have no real knowledge of mazdas. i know there was a recall for them in 2009 other than that i dont know squat. and what kind of milage can i expect to get out of it before the tranny or motor needs to be rebuilt? and how much is the 100k miles maintence going to cost ? because i know its going to be need.

thanks to you all in advance

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