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Originally Posted by wyeto View Post
well didnt end up getting that car the "dealer" (I say that because this wasnt a traditional dealership just an office in a random building with one guy trying to sell this car.) wouldnt budge on 7300 which with taxes and fees would be 8100 or so and it was missing the radio and a fog light and looked kinda beat on the interior and exterior so I walked away from that. I am now looking at another 2005 mazda 3 that looks to be in really good condition but has 129k on it. The thing Im happy about is its from a private seller, hes asking 6900 obo and my budget is 8-8.5 so I would have a nice bit left over if I could talk him down 400 or 500. what do you guys think about the deal? Im kinda weary about a car with that many miles but if I can save some money that would be good what do you guys think about a 3 with 129 on it?
run a quote with black book (trade-in values), and then run Edmunds and KBB for private party. Average the three. that's where i'd start.

Again - GET IT INSPECTED, and look at the maint. history. Once you're over 90k, there's a fair amount of stuff that needs to get done.

And use common sense - that sketchy "dealer" you described should have been a no-go from the start. Any car that's missing components is NOT one you want to buy.
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