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Re: Transmission Fluid Temperature

The tran temp on my scan tool, which has the Mazda software shows the trans temperature at ambient temperature at cold startup, NOT at 122 degrees. IF the TFT was 122 degrees, you would not be able to touch the wet part of the dipstick. Additionally, the torque converter lockup valve, the TCC valve will only activate if the TFT is above 122 degrees. If it is under that, which mine always has been at cold startup, the torque converter will not lock up under 45 mph.

The manual mode will shut off and the TCM will automatically switch the trans to automatic mode if the TFT reaches above 215 degrees.

I think the scan tool you are using is not calibrated properly. At startup, it should be the same temp as outside temperatures. Your tool calibration reads about 50 degrees hotter than it actually is.
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